How to Perfect Your Presentation Skills

As a Spiritual, taking your message into the world is a joy. For maximum efficacy, it is critical for you to craft a message that allows your audience to contribute, to offer them visual reassurance of your enthusiasm, and to set the stage for them to feel comfortable querying you at the end. Below are three solutions. Click for more ArcheGuides

The ancients said, “When Cicero speaks, people say, ‘What an intelligent man is Cicero.’ When Demosthenes speaks, people say, ‘Let us march.'” This idea — offering your audience practical, tangible steps that they can take to effect future change — is critical to keep in mind as you plan your presentation.

While serenity is a gift, there are times when it doesn’t serve you: Presenting is one. What’s an easy way to demonstrate tangible commitment and enthusiasm? Have an animated face. To wake up your facial muscles, try this: Before you speak, make your face as big as a jack-o’-lantern — open your eyes and mouth as wide as you can — then squish it up as small as a raisin. Repeat three times.

When the topic is lofty, it can be difficult for others to feel comfortable asking questions at the end of your speech. It’s helpful to plant a question in advance with a friend or a colleague seated in the audience to get the ball rolling. If that isn’t possible, and your query Does anyone have any questions? falls on silence, the way out is: A question I’m often asked is X. Then answer that.