Everything the Spiritual needs to know to succeed in the workplace.

As a Spiritual you remind those around you of the bigger picture and their higher purpose. Things become challenging, however, when colleagues’ choices appear to be in opposition to your core values or beliefs. While it can be tempting to opt out of the conversation or project, using the tools below may help you learn more about yourself, regardless of whether you end up altering their beliefs or the outcome of the project, READ OUR GUIDE.

As a Spiritual, you offer those around you a mental refuge, reminding them of the big picture. That said, there are moments when it’s critical to sweat the small stuff, and audit your reactions. Below, three things to help you be still more mindful, READ OUR GUIDE.

As a Spiritual, you tend to look for the good in everyone and everything — which is wonderful for your team. That said, keep in mind that forecasting doomsday scenarios will help you prep for tough meetings; that inevitable office tensions can be eased with face-to-face conversations; and that your “to do” list should include looking for the good in yourself. READ OUR GUIDE.

As a Spiritual, taking your message into the world is a joy. For maximum efficacy, it is critical for you to craft a message that allows your audience to contribute, to offer them visual reassurance of your enthusiasm, and to set the stage for them to feel comfortable querying you at the end. Below are three solutions. READ OUR GUIDE.