Getting Along with Colleagues and Getting Ahead at Work.

A love of all things beautiful defines you as a Fashionista, and your colleagues rely on your inherent sense of style and percipience regarding what is cutting-edge. Conversations get tricky, however, when others can’t see what you do — or think they share your taste level when they don’t. Below, three ways to navigate those uncomfortable moments.

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When a colleague presents you with a subpar choice, a great way to begin the conversation is by pointing out what’s working. For example, “Incorporating teal into the border works well. My suggestion, however, is not to overwhelm the whole print with it.” Starting with what she’s done well helps her hear the rest of the sentence.

From time to time you may find yourself simply baffled by colleagues’ taste in clothes, art, home furnishings… In moments like these, I recommend beginning with “So, tell me more about this…” There is usually a history to the piece that will help you find a way to be complimentary.

Some colleagues consistently present you with choices that make your sensibilities reel — and all your efforts to (gently) educate them have fallen on deaf ears (and blind eyes). When they ask you, yet again, “What do you think?” simply tell them the truth: “The minute I saw it, I knew it was you!”