Getting Along with Colleagues and Getting Ahead at Work.

You’ve always seen things differently, but others need to be coaxed into believing that your ideas are realistic, sustainable, attainable. The following three tools will help your colleagues get comfortable with what you already know is possible.

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Your idea is crystal clear to you, but are you forgetting to give others the “because” behind a suggestion or request? Let others in on your thinking by clearly articulating how the end result will benefit the project or group.

Because others are grounded in reality, you are likely to need additional ammunition to overcome their fear and/or skepticism. Don’t leave your idea open to being shot down by going off half-cocked. If you don’t have data to support your conjecture, call in reinforcements in the form of other experts in your field, or find examples from other industries that illustrate your point.

Others don’t have your abilities, but it doesn’t hurt to let them think they, too, could have come up with your idea. An easy way to do this is to say, “Not everyone would understand where I’m going with this, but because you’re a Visionary, too, I knew I could talk to you about it.”