Managing Your Boss and Creating a Positive Relationship

As a Visionary, your ability to imagine what’s possible inspires those around you. (See more about that in Part One: Getting Along with Colleagues and Getting Ahead at Work.) Things with your boss can get sticky, however, if your focus on the future detracts from what needs to happen today, or leaves you overly invested in others’ points of view. Here’s how to stay focused on the here and now. Want more career inspiration? Click here to see more ArcheGuides.

While it’s tempting to delegate the more mundane aspects of a project or presentation to others, doing so doesn’t send the message that you’re a leader; it demonstrates that you’re not willing to be part of the team, and higher-ups are looking for team players. Sometimes you stand out more by fitting in.

One of the great qualities of a Visionary is the ability to see others’ points of view. While this is important, your first loyalty should be to your boss’s goals and agenda. If you jump on every passing bandwagon, it’s unlikely she’s going to jump on yours when you need it.

Because imagining what’s possible is easy for you, it’s likely you can come up with just as many reasons why something isn’t possible as why it is. While thinking through the potential downsides to any strategy is likely something your boss relies on, if you come in with too many possible pitfalls he’s going to get cranky. If you object to something, have an alternate suggestion.