Managing Your Team and Leading by Example

As a Visionary it can be difficult for you to articulate the intricacies of your thinking to others, and to delegate the actions that will bring an idea to fruition. But without a team, manifesting your vision is likely to be long and lonely work. Keeping the below in mind will help you build an inventive and loyal following.

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When you see so clearly how something must be done, it can be difficult to delegate the work to others. When you find yourself struggling, remember Charles de Gaulle’s statement, “Graveyards are filled with the bodies of indispensable men.” Not only will you avoid burnout, but your team will be more invested in the success of your vision if they are allowed to contribute to it.

Yes, you are Visionary, and your team counts on you to bring the next best idea to the table, but at times even you are tap dancing on a shag rug. Soliciting the feedback of others and acknowledging flaws in your thinking allows everyone to move on to improving your current idea, or manifesting your next great idea, that much more quickly.

When you have brought your concept to completion, the most valuable thing you can say is to tell your team you couldn’t have done it without them. Not only is it true (they wouldn’t be working for you if they weren’t smart), but doing so ensures that as their own ideas develop and mature they remain loyal to you and what you have built together.