How to Perfect Your Presentation Skills

As a Visionary, your presentations are highly sought after and very well regarded — people love to feel that they are being let in on the next big thing. Below are three ways to ensure that your ideas have maximum impact in the moment, that your audience leaves both inspired and educated, and that your influence lingers long after you leave the room. Click here for more ArcheGuides

There’s no doubt that you offer your audience big ideas, but they won’t have as much impact if you don’t support them with your physical space. Be sure to put the podium to the left of your screen (we read from left to right). Double-check that you will have a light source once the main lights are down, and assign someone to turn the lights back up during Q and A.

It’s wonderful to offer your audience inspiration, but if you don’t give them something practical to do, that inspiration is going to wear off like a cup of weak coffee. With this in mind, be sure to include some practical applications for your ideas — preferably something they can do today that will generate results tomorrow.

By now you know that being visionary is something that others aspire to — and sometimes envy. An easy way to reassure your audience that you aren’t just blowing in with the big idea and then disappearing is to give them a way to contact you with their questions and ideas going forward. Then be sure to stay in touch.