Want to rock your inner world? Trade literature of the minute for these timeless novels that will hit home.

Life isn’t easy on your own. That’s why you’re a Caregiver — to help however you can. Here are three books about the role love plays every day.

by James Agee

Agee is perhaps best known as the author of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, a stark depiction of Depression- era sharecroppers. A Death in the Family is based on Agee’s own childhood — he lost his father at six — and follows a Knoxville clan upended by loss. Suddenly widowed, the mother, Mary, embraces God, and her young son Rufus must find his own solace. Agee, who died of a heart attack at 47, didn’t live to see his story published. In 1957 it was awarded a Pulitzer Prize.
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by E.B. White

A fave of young readers since 1952, White’s tale about love and loyalty in the barnyard is a go-to for times when you crave warm and fuzzy. Wilbur, a pig living on the Zuckerman family farm, is headed for the slaughterhouse when he is saved by his friend, Charlotte, a spider who spins the words “some pig” into her web just above Wilbur’s manure-pile pen. The message turns Wilbur into a celebrity and he is spared, but the friends must part, as Charlotte can live only until she lays her eggs. Get out the hankies — and pass this on to someone you love. 
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by William Styron

The novel’s hero, Stingo, is a young Southern who falls in love with his tortured Brooklyn neighbor, Sophie, a beautiful Polish Catholic who had survived Auchwitz. While in the camp, Sophie was forced to choose which of her children should live and which should die, and she remains paralyzed by guilt. Even if you’ve seen the movie, pick up the novel; wrenching and beautifully written, it’s a haunting look at the persistence of evil. 
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