Want to be a real hero? Uncover the best version of yourself.

You have a deep need to be special, to test the limits of your ability through competition with others, and to be the best.

To do your best, Athletes seek out role models to coach you how to hone your skills, both on and off the playing field – and this is also how you embark on the journey. In turn, you pass on this knowledge, coaching and developing others. You avoid the negative examples of those who take the easy way out, whether through cheating, laziness, or other bad habits that can derail success.

While Athletes are uber-competitive, your real motivation isn’t just winning. For you, conquering the dragon means excelling and mastering a skill or task.

Like all archetypes, Athletes have a full complement of dragons: You can be ruthless, look down on others, and are often willing to push yourself, regardless of the costs. But finding the treasure is far from impossible: you can overcome these tendencies by learning to respect your own specialness and appreciating others not just for their ability to win, but for qualities like caring for a child or good friend or exhibiting courage in situations that cannot be fixed (like some long-term illnesses).

For Athletes, returning to transform the kingdom revolves around making an impact. When you train others to excel, you create a ripple effect furthering high achievement in the larger world.