Want to be a real hero? Uncover the best version of yourself.

What’s important to you? Making a difference to someone through nurturing and caring for them. This power unfolds both in daily life and in situations you may not have wished for—like when a family member takes ill and your own plans and aspirations must take a back seat.

Caregivers will embark on the journey by observing others. You are inspired and gain skills by looking at those who are willing to sacrifice and avoiding people who are selfish or who devalue altruism. 

Watch out: Caregivers need to conquer the dragon of selflessness. You are so willing to give, you might not have anything left for yourself. And you might undermine the very people you mean to help because you give so much, they become weak and dependent.  What to do? Face your own neediness so you don’t project it onto others. Above all, practice tough love so that you do not do for others what they could do just fine themselves.

All Caregivers need to do to find the treasure is look to your loving heart. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and many other spiritual traditions call us to open our hearts and show love for one another, balanced, of course, with love for ourselves.

A Caregiver’s kindness will take them home to transform the kingdom. Theirs can generate ripple effects, triggering the positive caring instinct in others and moving the world closer to peace, social justice, and the economic prosperity.