Want to be a real hero? Uncover the best version of yourself.

We bet you are a DIY addict. Creatives have a deep seeded need to express an inspiration or vision in something you can hold in your hands. You can also feel frustrated if you don’t quite have the skills or time to realize your wishes. 

The Creative can embark on the journey by keeping your chin up! You need to work on your crafting skills, even in the face of failure. You will get better by learning from the work of other Creatives, and resisting people who sniff at your handiwork as a waste of time or even a selfish pasttime.

When it comes to conquering the dragon, it helps to use a dinner time analogy: your eyes are bigger than your stomach: Creatives tend to commit to so many projects that you’re overwhelmed. Just as bad, you zap your creative energy by continually comparing what you do to others, and telling yourself that what you are doing is not good enough.  You need to embrace your level of talent and learn to what is doable in the time you have.

For the Creative, finding the treasure means combining your imagination, talent, and hard work; only then can you turn your vision into something real. These talents can be applied to all areas of life, and they allow you to continually reinvent yourself to meet new circumstances. For you, change is an opportunity for creative self-expression, and you adapt to the times without losing your identity.

In order to return to transform the kingdom, keep this mind: Creatives surround themselves and others with authentic, well-crafted objects and environments. In living your life this way, you reinforce the motivation for everyone to craft more grounded and authentic lives.