Want to be a real hero? Uncover the best version of yourself.

Calling all Jack Kerouacs and Amelia Earharts. As an Explorer, you are drawn to the open road, the new experience, and new adventures. Your lust for change may be innate, or may come from feeling trapped in a life too dull and too small.

You are an Explorer, but your travels are not about the destination, they are about the journey. You want to expand your horizons, to grow as a person, to find greater meaning in your life. You are able adapt to new conditions, make friends with people who may seem foreign to others, and understand who to trust and who might be hiding ulterior motives behind an offer to help. You are able to cope with the loneliness of one on the road.

Are you restless and unable to settle down? An Explorer’s perennial dragon is thinking nowhere is really home and that the good life can only be realized only on the new quest, in the next relationship, in the next experience. To conquer this mindset, you need to constantly remind yourself to be grateful for every encounter, every relationship, and your own expanded consciousness.  Let go of your feeling of otherness and cultivate a sense of being at one with the world and at home anywhere.

An Explorer’s gift is your rugged individuality and adventurousness; these traits are also the key to the treasure.  While so many others are hunkered down, trying to just be safe, feeling awkward or fearful around strangers, your life has been enriched by your varied experiences.  You are comfortable with diversity and a true citizen of the world.

At a time when the world is quickly changing, Explorers are needed to blaze new trails and to meet daily developments with anticipation, not fear. This is your way of transforming the kingdom. You can provide a bridge between cultures, helping others recognize difference as interesting, not threatening. You are society’s scout, passing on your open heart and mind.