Want to be a real hero? Uncover the best version of yourself.

Even as a little kid, you were the one to always ask why. You are curious about so many things, and want to study, learn, and think deeply about life events. But answers are elusive and your intelligence is rarely satisfied.   

As an Intellectual you may not have been the class brain, but it has always been important to you to learn the facts of a situation, understand their meaning, and apply them to new experience. This ability doesn’t just send you on your journey, it leads to genuine wisdom.  You are guided by teachers who help you to think critically and be able to assess which information to trust.

Your dragons: Dogmatism and ideology. Intellectuals can become so enamored of certain ideas that you stop being open to new ones. To conquer this dragon, you have to continually ask yourself:  “Is it more important for me to be important or get my way than it is to find truth? And, do I have the courage to explore truth wherever it leads?” 

Intellectuals leave no child behind; they know this is the key to the treasure. You have the ability to move human understanding forward and to educate people about the world around us.

Intellectuals can guide research, scholarship, analysis, informed discussion and debate in small and in large ways. How do these skills help them transform the kingdom? Everyone’s actions and decisions will be more rational, compassionate, and wise, improving life for all.