Want to be a real hero? Uncover the best version of yourself.

Feeling hemmed in or frustrated by a life that is boring, you are most alive when pursing something wilder and exciting.  

Rebels don’t embark on the journey the way most do. You think outside the box and distrust what most people have been socialized to believe, preferring to push to discover what is possible, to experience what is prohibited or taboo, to regain your sense of primal aliveness. 

Admit it, Rebel: You’ve got quite a dragon to conquer. Sometimes you’re too wild for your own good, ignoring common sense, health risks, and the law. This can cause all kinds of potential problems, including jail or even a tragic loss of life. You need to give up your arrogance and learn to learn from the experience of others.

Rebels have a gift for moving beyond what conformity demands and for challenging authority, and it’s this revolutionary spirit that helps you in finding the treasure. Such instincts are crucial in overturning outdated rules and norms, and in embracing the joys of feeling truly alive.

Rebels push against tyranny, whether in daily life or the unconscious life, and it’s this push that leads you to return and transform the kingdom. By expressing rebellious thoughts and feelings, you enrich and invigorate our world.