Want to be a real hero? Uncover the best version of yourself.

Your journey may be inspired by a teacher or friend, a presentation, or even a book that piques your interest in spiritual matters or leads you to question what you have believed in the past. 

A Spiritual already knows life is about the journey. As you embrace a Spiritual life, you will delve into philosophies, theologies, practices, and traditions that connect you to the divine.

Just because you have found your Spiritual self doesn’t mean you should judge those who haven’t. The Spiritual’s dragons of pride and certitude can lead to discrimination or even genocide in some places in the world. Conquer this dragon by living your life in a way that is consistent with your beliefs, but don’t get hung up on forcing others to do the same.

A Spiritual’s treasure is invaluable: You have a sense of meaning and connection to something beyond your own skin. That feeling is a source of guidance, comfort, and hope, and will result in loving service to others.

Spirituals have the unique ability to help others in their search for the divine and to promote tolerance, compassion, and morality in the world. Your success in returning to transform the kingdom is defined by keeping your own path and respecting the paths of others.