Want to be a real hero? Uncover the best version of yourself.

You might be the first to be offended by an ill-conceived outfit or poorly-set table, but it’s because you know the power and importance of beauty. It elevates the quality of a person’s life, and even gets those endorphins going.

The Tastemaker’s journey is founded on a love exploring new trends, new designs, and deepening their aesthetic intelligence. But you’re also a history buff, knowledgeable about fashion, culture, manners, design, architecture, and music from the past. You see how those disciplines intersect and how they can change the world. 

In running after every new trend or being too attached to beauty, Tastemakers risk losing who they really are.  To conquer this dragon, you have to pay attention to your authentic self and ask yourself important questions, such as who am I and why am I here and what style actually reflects me and my taste and vision? 

Not only do the Tastemaker’s impeccable sense of design and style reflect your substance, they are the key to finding the treasure. You are most gratified when you experiment with something new and you set the pace for others.

Tastemakers know that the quality of life in civil society depends upon the beauty of the environment. The way people dress and the objects they surround themselves with reflect who they are, and these elements will lead you back to transform the kingdom. In pushing for more beauty, you make the world a better place.