Want to be a real hero? Uncover the best version of yourself.

You are always ready for your close up. As a Performer, you might be anxious on the inside, but to the world, you’re charming and entertaining. People ask for more and you provide it.

For Performers, mentors are incredibly important, especially when embarking on their journey: they both inspire you and help you build skills. By watching accomplished Performers, you also learn negative Performer behaviors to avoid, like hogging the spotlight or using charm to manipulate or con others

The Performer’s dragons are based on feelings of emptiness and vagueness, without a strong sense of identity. Conquer these feelings and get a clearer sense of your ideas, values and desires by setting aside time to know yourself or to work with a psychotherapist or counselor or coach.

Performers find the treasure – and feel great satisfaction – when they educate, entertain, or create an enjoyable experience for others, winning both applause and appreciation.

In a world where anxiety and shallowness often reign, the Performer shares stories that can lift people up and also connect them with deep human truths, thus allowing them to transform the kingdom.  Whether you are entertaining in a living room, in a theater, or at the water cooler, you create bonds that turn your audience into a community, even if it is only for a few minutes.