Welcome to the Archepedia, where you can explore the universe of archetypes. From understanding the Rebels and Intellectuals in your life to learning about thinkers in the field such as Carl Jung and Caroline Myss, this is your library for looking up descriptions, definitions and illustrations that will illuminate the complex world of persona and identity, spirit, soul, myth and psyche.


Advocate (Man)

There are some men who speak for the powerful and there are some who speak powerfully for what is right. You are the latter.

Advocate (Woman)

You’re the one everyone wants on their side. In the name of justice, you’re not afraid to challenge authority or speak up for others


Are you a sensitive male who often feels more nurturing than your friends? That may be your anima kicking in, dude.


Animus is what creates tomboys and characters like Maggie Fitzgerald, the female boxer Hilary Swank won an Oscar portraying in Million Dollar Baby.

Archetypal Balance

When you recognize your life in terms of universal patterns of behavior, you’re in touch with your needs and can make adjustments.

Archetypal Identification

Poor Sisyphus. In Greek mythology, the gods condemned him to roll a boulder up a hill only to watch it roll down again.

Archetypal Image

Life these days is a constant barrage of visuals. But only certain images have the power to stop us in our tracks.


Long before movies, HBO, and comic book heroes, there were archetypes.

Athlete (Man)

For you, winning is everything. You thrive in a competitive setting and are always up for an adventure.

Athlete (Woman)

As an Athlete, your focus and drive are unparalleled. Restlessness and a hunger for excitement keep you moving.


Caregiver (Man)

You’ve been the best man in more than a fair share of weddings. Father, husband, bro, you know how to provide and lend a helping

Caregiver (Woman)

You’re the best friend anyone could have. Friendly, sincere, and compassionate, you find your reward in helping others.

Collective Unconscious

When you recognize your life in terms of universal patterns of behavior, you’re in touch with your needs.

Creative (Man)

Others see the object, you see the white space. You’ll leave your mark on the world with different way of looking at things.

Creative (Woman)

Self-expression drives you. You’re curious and inventive, and appreciate the beauty in art and nature.



Carl Jung described a dream as a little hidden door to the innermost recesses of the soul.



For some it’s a rose or a walk in the park, for others a black hole or a train wreck. Whatever it is, love is a mighty force.

Explorer (Man)

The soul of the Explorer might best be embodied in this quote from David Livingstone, who devoted his life to crossing the African

Explorer (Woman)

There's little linear about your life path, and this extends to your life's work. After all, how could your trajectory be straight



No, not that group of people you know so well and love so much. At Archetypes, “families” is the way we describe clusters of related archetypes.


Intellectual (Man)

Let others watch reality television and read TMZ. You go in for the Word of the Day and you're up on everything.

Intellectual (Woman)

You’re the ultimate dinner-party guest. Engaging questions and thoughtful debate are your trademark.


Jung, Carl

The Swiss psychiatrist whose theories about archetypes and the collective unconscious inform today’s culture.


Myss, Caroline

Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the field of archetypes.


Performer (Man)

Performers aren’t satisfied just being where the action is — they need to be the action. Performers are the stars of their lives,

Performer (Woman)

Performers are born for the spotlight. Sure, your life might not be recorded for cable, but you’re built to stand in the


Long before Carl Jung wrote about archetypes, Plato came up with his theory of forms.

Primitive Eros

For tens of thousands of years, the feminine was considered the preeminent creative force of the universe.


Do you wish your nose and hair were straighter, your skin smoother, your hands smaller, your legs longer, your breasts bigger? You may be a Puella.


Remember that adorable skateboard-riding, Frisbee-playing guy in a bandana who dated you for years but wouldn’t commit? He was a Puer.


Rebel (Man)

Go beyond the cigarette and leather jacket. That's just another convention by now. You're progressive. You ruffle feathers.

Rebel (Woman)

As a Rebel, you love being at the center of the action. You’re comfortable throwing caution to the wind—and ruffling feathers.

Royal (Man)

You say “Jump.” Others ask “How high?” You lead with confidence, and would give your right arm before you let down your loyal following.

Royal (Woman)

When you walk into a room, you command attention. You’re the one in charge, and you enjoy reaping the rewards of your hard work.



The shadow is just as much part of the unconscious mind as the archetypal energies that drive us to give, love, and achieve.

Spiritual (Man)

You might not go to church, but your purpose is a moral one. You seek a deeper meaning, and thoughts of consequence occupy your

Spiritual (Woman)

For you, the journey of faith is never-ending.Thoughtful and compassionate, you have a strong sense of moral obligation.

Symbol Symbols are images that come alive from the depth of our imaginations and our collective unconscious.

Synchronicity is a concept that expresses what we feel when we witness two seemingly unrelated phenomena occurring at the same time.


Tastemaker (Man)

You’re the quintessential host. A man of refinement, your taste is impeccable and your style ever-evolving.

Tastemaker (Woman)

As a Tastemaker, you’re always on top of the trends—or starting your own. Your sense of style is second to none.


Visionary (Man)

What others see is of little interest to you. You're interested in new ways of seeing, solutions not yet imagined, products not

Visionary (Woman)

As a Visionary, you’re not one to turn down a new experience. Your ideas have the potential to change the world.