Analyzing the cast of AMC’s hit show just in time for its final season

Breaking Bad is highly addictive television. On August 11, the seven-time Emmy-winning series returns to AMC for its last eight episodes. To get you ready for your final season fix, we’ve archetyped ten Breaking Baddies. And it goes without saying: for BB newbs, there be spoilers here.

From the first episode, Jesse has seen making meth not as science but as art, playing the sensitive artiste to Walter’s pragmatic scientist. Like all Creatives, emotional Jesse suffers at the hands of a cruel world, though in his case the wounds are often literal as well as emotional, as he seems to get beaten up at least once a season. Still, as a Creative thinker Jesse masterminds a train robbery. A man who values life, he agonizes when forced to kill his enemies (one of whom he dissolves in acid).

Though not literally a quarterback, Mike had the diligence and no-nonsense pragmatism of a true Athlete. An ex-cop who would play for any team that would have him, he handled offense, defense, and cleanup for Gus, Saul, Lydia, and Walt, doing surveillance, providing crews, disposing of bodies, and offering calm and well-thought-out game plans for every contingency. Then, on the verge of retirement, Walt ran out of patience with him. Mike’s last words were befitting of a true gridiron hero: “Shut the fuck up. Let me die in peace.”

Oh, Jane, we hardly knew ye. Jesse Pinkman’s neighbor and girlfriend, a tattoo artist who rebelliously sported no tattoos, a heroin addict semi-estranged from her family, Jane was a Rebel who had to go it her own way. And what did she get for it? An inglorious exit framed by Walt to look like an accident.

Skyler has taken a lot of heat for being a ball-buster, but what Caregiver worth her salt isn’t a mama bear from time to time, especially when her loved ones are being pursued by gangsters? Skyler’s insistence on sending the children away during times of danger shows that, like all true Caregivers, she puts others’ safety above her own emotional needs.

Though Walter shows traits of the Caretaker and the Intellectual, it’s hard not to describe a high school chemistry teacher who turns to making crystal meth as a Visionary. Even while battling terminal lung cancer, drug kingpins, an unending onslaught of goons, and staying one step ahead of his DEA brother-in-law, Walter has always been able to see the big picture: better living through chemistry.

Ostensibly the Chicken King, Gus was also the shadow emperor of a vast drug kingdom with a small army of tattooed dragon men at his beck and call, and alchemist Walt in charge of his Royal laboratory. Unfortunately for King Gus, Walter’s Visionary plans meant that eventually there was only room for one of them, and Gus became the Man Without a Face.

Whether he’s calling himself “Junior” or “Flynn,” Walt’s teenage son seeks the truth, sensing that his parents have a lot to hide. Born with cerebral palsy, Walt Jr. may need crutches, but he’s the last one who’s still morally walking tall in the family, and as the sole Spiritual around, he’s also the heart and soul of the entire clan.

Since the episode where she surreptitiously exchanged her sensible white nurse’s shoes for a pair of stunning heels, Marie has used kleptomania as a means to acquire the finer things in life. Even baby Holly is better dressed when Marie’s in charge. What’s more, her clothes and home décor reflect an obsession with the color purple.

Saul Goodman, who chose his name because it’s sounds like “s’all good, man,” is the man the untrustworthy trust, an Advocate for the accused. When they hire this weasel extraordinaire willing to be paid in meth, Saul’s clients can expect not only aggressive legal expertise, which includes money laundering and wiretapping, but also the outré fashions of a confident confidant.

Fluent in both German and methspeak, Lydia showed her Intellectual prowess when she came up with the idea of robbing “an ocean” of methylamine from a freight train as it passed through a communications dead zone. Though she sometimes seems rattled by her sublegal activities, Lydia uses her brains to talk her way out of trouble.