We navigate some of the most challenging moments in our lives by examining the archetypal passage of crisis.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that compares to a moment of crisis in the health department. Whether it is happening to you or a loved one, it can feel like you got socked in the stomach. Sometimes you are inconsolable, sometimes you are tough as nails. You have been asked to step up and be strong when your body may be betraying this request, acting just the opposite. 

When I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, I was really scared and had a bit of a meltdown. I have since learned that it is a bump in the road that I’m traveling, and I’ve wrapped my brain around it by reading a million different ways to manage it (my primary archetype is Intellectual). I know that when you receive bad news about your health, there is a sort of black hole of fear and worry you stumble into and you get tunnel vision; you can’t think about anything else, you can’t sleep, you can’t eat.

If you are suffering and in the middle of a serious medical condition or crisis – and it is dubious or downright bad news – you can feel fear, anger, desperation and hopelessness. All you want to do is forget about it for a minute, a day, even a week. You trick yourself for a moment and think that maybe you’re fine – it’s true you do go through the phases of grief and denial is a big one. Your archetypes can lead you through these tough times for moments of clarity and control. Here are a few ideas to help you cope, plus a cautionary tip to watch out for:

You’re already Googling and reading every book, pamphlet and blog in sight. You are incredibly informed but maybe take a moment and really feel? It goes against your nature, but catharsis may be in order before you compartmentalize and analyze the minutiae.
WATCH OUT: Playing doctor.

The darkest days can be the biggest inspiration. Keep doing what you do – making art, writing in your journal, playing your piano. It is the source of your solace, and a temporary escape.
WATCH OUT: Depression and despair.

Listen to your doctor and taper off from strenuous activity if requested. Perhaps yoga or even long walks can help you get your physical fix. Breathe in fresh air and feel the sunshine.
WATCH OUT: Overexertion.

Most likely to beat an illness, Rebels will not let a diagnosis take them down. It’s not, however, the time to rebel against what your doctor prescribes. Keep your illness a frenemy and you will be better for it.
WATCH OUT: Disregarding doctor’s orders.

You need the care this time around, and it’s hard to accept, but take in those hugs, let somebody else cook dinner, get some rest. An illness is a warning for you, take care of you.
WATCH OUT: Not embracing self-care.

Your crystal ball is  full of doom and gloom and what you feel is truly bad, bad news. Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” is your best friend and go-to download – brainwash yourself with his sage advice.
WATCH OUT: Doom and gloom jump-thinking.

Stoic is your middle name. Lean into your archetype and get the answers to the questions you seek. You will get unsurpassed care, but don’t let your authoritarian nature get the best of you.
WATCH OUT: Allow yourself to rely on others.

Turn on a camera or iPhone and record your journey. An illness for a performer can be a calling to simply a different stage, so keep entertaining, share your story, and keep laughing.
WATCH OUT: Don’t let those hands go idle – document your experience.

Soul over body. There is no one better than beloved Caroline Myss to help you navigate a health crisis. Our favorite audio CD is Channeling Grace, listen as many times as necessary.
WATCH OUT: Channel grace.

You are the most likely to go into denial and this is downright dangerous. Looking good through illness should not be a priority, so you find yourself at a fork in the road. Keep your sparkling wit, lose the vanity.
WATCH OUT: Don’t slip into denial.

Your curious nature drives you to find the newest alternatives to dealing with a medical crisis, whether this is a new herb or treatment. Keep your doctor informed about any of your latest discoveries and self-medication.
WATCH OUT: Don’t turn yourself into an experiment.

No one will be more motivated than you to go green, go vegan, go GMO-free. You may feel best channeling your feelings into a cause – your own. 
WATCH OUT: Becoming extreme about your eating habits.