We navigate some of the most challenging moments in our lives by examining the archetypal passage of crisis.

One of the most stressful events in our lives is moving. It’s ranked right up there with divorce, death, loss of a job… and whether you have to wrangle the kids, the pets or even the thousand books you’ve accumulated, moving is extremely emotional and is part of an archetype in transition. Because of the stress level, you can quickly slip into crisis-mode.

Even if you’re movin’ on up, it’s still an emotional gamble and disruption of your routine, your family, your “home.” Not to mention packing. And picking up boxes. And the expense is no joke either! Everything you use on a daily basis is disconnected – phone, TV, wireless – and it may be a few weeks before it’s reestablished. You don’t have a fridge full of leftovers to grab in the event of sudden hunger; you can’t take a break and watch a quick episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Everything is suddenly inconvenient and unsettled, and if you’re moving for deeper, more disheartening reasons, the very event can be traumatizing or extremely depressing.

I don’t know too many people who love moving and find it to be easy or delightful. Even if you can shell out the dough to pay for movers, it still is no picnic and if you add kids to the mix, suddenly it’s mass chaos. If your friend is moving, offer to pitch in – I’ve often tried to lighten the load for some of my BFFs as we schlepped boxes upon boxes across the city, paid in pizza and beer. I never minded helping them out because it’s tough and having a friend to laugh with alleviates much of the stress (sadly, the boxes don’t get any lighter though), plus they will turn around and help you.

But the big question is, how can your archetypes help you maintain sanity? Here are some tips for your psyche – and remember, this too shall pass: 

Hire movers (if you can afford it).

The Royal doesn’t want to lift a finger. If you can, hire packers and movers and everything will go smoothly. Just keep a cool head when directing the entourage, and don’t forget to tip!

Throw a moving party!

The Performer makes moving into party – everybody pitches in, moving the stereo last (and moving it in first). When you get to your new digs, have everybody come in for a buffet of snacks and Twister set out on the open floor.

Build an altar in your new place.

Think of this move as a quest – the Spiritual is onto the next place to call home, and it is your calling. Accepting this new life path is the first step into domestic bliss. Make sure to carve out a sacred, quiet area in the new place.

Let your inner interior decorator go wild.

Console yourself with the idea of redecoration! Everything must go and make way for the new. An interior design makeover is the ultimate motivation.

Don’t stay packed in boxes forever.

Depending on what type of Explorer you are, you either own next to nothing or you have bunches of souvenirs. Either way, treat this like another adventure, and you’ll find yourself right at home.

Simplify and lower your carbon footprint.

This is a pretty big chance to donate things you’ve let pile up – clothes, books, unused electronics, everything! So while the stress of moving may get you down, the delight in giving will bring you right back up!

Finally, you can clean out your stacks & piles!

You’ve already made a list, checked it twice, and started packing (even though your move out date is weeks away). You keep cool and calm by having a plan, and sticking to it mercilessly.

Get it together.

The Creative has a tendency to let things go off course, so it would be best hire movers, or have a friend help you plan it out. You don’t want to be stuck at the last minute, throwing things out the window (and yes, once I threw things out a 2nd floor Queens window in the middle of the night).

Boxes of books are the new weights.

Your strength here is… your strength. You could probably move all by yourself, but don’t risk an injury like pulling a muscle or throwing out your back. Ask some friends from the gym for help – bonus, they won’t have to work out for the day! Pay back their good deeds with delicious smoothies for all.

Up for the task at hand.

Your natural impulse is to just pick up some favorite things and get outta there. You pack light and have little sentimentality, so use this to your benefit. Keep important papers (birth certificate, passport, tax info, etc.) and start fresh somewhere new.

Let family & friends help divide and conquer.

Remember the memories and good times, and then brighten up about the future, Caregiver. You’re the hero of this story, so assign the kids different tasks and, if you can afford it, hire movers. You frequently try to take on the weight of the world and for the sake of your sanity, hiring out may be your best bet.

This is your chance to get organized.

For the optimistic Visionary, this move is going to provide bigger and better, so you would climb mountains and swim through the sea to see it through. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t let the minor details trip you up.