When it comes to putting a ring on it, get personal. 

The engagement ring: it just might be the most important piece of jewelry you ever own. These days it’s not strictly about the carats and clarity; finding a ring that’s unique to your personality is far more crucial. Whether it’s an offset rock or a rare geode, there are endless options out there. 

That’s why we asked Stellene Volandes, the style director of Town & Country and a jewelry expert, to choose the perfect ring for every archetype. “The biggest mistake brides make is abandoning their personal style when choosing their ring — and their dress, for that matter,” she advises. “There are enough rings out there for every type. Don’t settle for just a simple solitaire, unless that is exactly what you want.”

Bonus: Whether your vows are on the horizon or you’re the guest this summer, shop here for wedding-ready essentials.

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Circlet ring, $4,800 at tiffany.com

When it comes to your most symbolic piece of jewelry, opt for timelessness courtesy of this elegant antique-inspired ring. And, practically speaking, because of the low setting, you don’t have to take it off to wash the dishes!

Finn Diamond Love Knot ring, $3,650 at twistonline.com

Creatives will appreciate a playful and unique approach to the classic engagement ring, and Finn’s whimsical love knot, the design that put the New York City line on the map, is the elegant answer.

David Yurman DY Verona ring, $12,000 at davidyurman.com

David Yurman’s trademark cable band has a sculpted feel, which lends a sense of sporty dynamism to your flawlessly cut diamond. You choose the size of the stone and other finishing details.

Ileana Makri Lucky Snake ring, $2,750 at barneys.com

Globe-trotting Ileana Makri is most famed for her Snake collection, and this one’s a riff on the engagement ring worn by Queen Victoria. The serpent is a symbol of eternal love as well as sexual desire — and when you’re a Rebel, what’s love without passion? 

David Webb Rock Crystal ring, $21,000 at davidwebb.com

The Visionary fiancée has an ally in David Webb, who established his namesake line in 1948 and trailblazed the decadent geometry of disco-era jewelry in the 1970s. Webb’s crystal-topped jewel of black enamel, 18k gold, platinum, and diamonds is a hypermodern take on the engagement ring. 

Kwiat Yellow Asscher-Cut Diamond ring, inquire at kwiat.com

A Queen demands an exotic diamond that stops onlookers in their tracks. Show them you’re worth the attention by flaunting this canary stunner. Yellow diamonds are extremely rare (they account for less than one percent of the diamonds found in mines), and it’s no surprise this vaunted house boasts a top-notch take. Gems by Kwiat have been worn by the likes of Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, and Natalie Portman.

Kimberly McDonald Geode and Irregular Diamond Bezel ring, $6,875 at kimberlymcdonald.com

North Carolina-born McDonald knows jewelry was originally created to carry symbolism and energy. Inspired by nature, she uses strictly organic materials and untreated gems to keep you connected to the earth.

James de Givenchy for Taffin Pear-Shaped Diamond and Platinum ring, inquire at taffin.com

You always have reinvention on your mind, so you need a high-fashion ring that’s versatile to boot. James de Givenchy, sought-after designer of Taffin, often channels Art Deco, but with an impossibly modern twist. This offset creation boasts over two carats of an internally flawless diamonds.

Monique Péan Fossilized Walrus ring, $11,000 at shopharpersbazaar.com

Monique Péan left the finance world and launched her line of eco-friendly jewelry after her sister’s sudden passing. She uses sustainable materials like fossilized ivory, recycled gold, and conflict-free diamonds for her one-of-a-kind creations.

Kentshire Edwardian Natural Pearl ring, $4,750 at kentshire.com

The pearl is a symbol of feminine wisdom. You may be getting married, but you’re also gaining sagacity each and every day. Kentshire should know: established in 1940, this family business remains one of the top dealers of period jewelry today.