‘Tis the season to shop ’til you drop. What makes an Archetype tick, what’s their gifting style, what’s their holiday shtick?

Caregivers know your personality quirks inside and out, they pay attention to what your problems are or how you’re feeling throughout the year and always try to give you the gift of problem solving and cheer.

Intellectuals notice when you talk about a certain item you want and make a mental note; they know exactly what to get you even though they aren’t usually ones to dote.

Visionaries love to give high tech gifts to improve your day; they see the big picture and will show you the way.

Tastemakers have exquisite taste, what looks good on you and they know what’s in style. Without even having to ask you, Tastemakers just know and they’ve known quite a while.

Royals know luxury like none other. Even if it’s just a little trinket, it will be the fanciest and classiest version you could ever discover!

You can rely on Creatives for an original, colorful handmade gift that you never would have thought of yourself, but are sure to appreciate and put on the shelf.

Athletes aren’t necessarily sports driven, a lot of their Archetype is based on their need to compete. There’s a good chance they’ll gift you something to get moving, something to get you out of your seat!

Performers are sure to give you a present to make you laugh and get a rise out of everyone who sees it, even if it’s your staff!

Explorers constantly travel – whether it’s to a far off place, or just as far as they can drive in a day. If you’re lucky, they’ll pick you up something exotic and handcrafted on the way!

Advocates aren’t going to buy something out at Target; they’re going to hunt for the perfect cruelty-free, made-in-the-USA charitable gift for under the tree.

Rebels probably waited until the very last minute to go shopping, but they’re definitely getting you something awesome/risqué/maybe a little dangerous and there’s no stopping them.

Spirituals will give you a gift that means something to them and to you. It might even make you cry because of how sentimental and really perfect it is too!