It’s hard to get over someone you love or even someone you didn’t truly love but were connected to. It’s difficult to get over a future that never came and even more difficult to dismantle a beautiful life and home that is no more. As for facing reality, most people would rather not – it hurts too much. But it doesn’t change the fact that reality has called your name and your life is changing whether you welcome it or not.

A few considerations regardless of your archetype and who you really are – turn off the news (it’s dreadful these days and will add to your depression) and turn on the music. It heals. Then get your walking shoes on, you’re going to need all the natural endorphins you can get. Finally, stay away from vices – comfort eating and drinking (and doing anything else) inspired by sadness and depression can easily turn into self-destruction.

Below, we’ve selected some archetypal advice that might just in fact save you at a time you need a lifeboat. There isn’t one archetype here that can’t help change your sinking ship back into a love boat. Even if the message that resonates most with you isn’t your primary archetype, take heed and remember it’s important to break out of your primary patterns to adapt alternatives in order to change the tide. 

Dating sites were made with your adventurous spirit in mind. Join one and begin exploring new people and places. You’re never one to shy away from taking risks, so right now, you’ll flourish in doing new things. 

Any kind of volunteer work would be an excellent choice for you right now. You’ll feel better and meet others who are like-minded. It will also be an opportunity to find new causes. Start by watching a TED Talk, either online or in person, get inspired!

It’s time to take a new online class or pick up long forgotten hobbies like chess or crossword puzzles. Start a blog. Find a topic you love and fall in love with that. And of cousre, keep reading! You have no idea where your love story is going so resist over-analyzing.

A broken heart means you are wide open. You should give your ex royalties for all the great stuff you will create while on the mend. Time to get on Fantasy Island and reimagine a new future for yourself!

You need a goal! You thrive on metrics, and you’ll need something to distract you. Maybe train for a marathon, join a new workout class, try a new lifestyle program. Chart your progress and see a whole new future.

You own the party! Go ahead and give yourself free reign to experiment, hook up and have fun – safely. Avoid playing the jealousy card by flaunting your newfound freedom online or by letting your ex know – there is a reason you broke up, and it probably needs to stay that way. 

Your truest nature is to have someone or something to love. You thrive on giving. You also fall in love very easily, which isn’t a bad thing! Use this to your advantage. If you want to be in love, be in love!

Be honest – you love the space. And you love work even more. Now is the time to dive as deeply into your work as you can but don’t get stuck! Make sure you have a bestie on alert to come find you in about a month.

It’s time to take charge of your life. Make a list of what you can control and what you can’t relative to your ex. Then focus only on the things you can do, disregard what you can’t. Your self-control and determination to steer the wheel will work for you.

The show must go on and so will you! Be an extrovert – get out! Make a recording, join a theater group. go to movies and plays, take a dance class. In fact try ballroom dancing. you never know who your next dance partner might be!

There is great power in surrender. The most truly empowered people in this world are in a state of surrender, so before you look for your answers in the stars or tarot look above and repeat several times a day, thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for blessing me with a new road.

Shop therapy might feel good but it could compound your issues by creating new debt you don’t need. A better task is to clean your closet, reorganize your home, your bathroom, and your cosmetics – everything! Offer to do it for a friend then perhaps a paying client.