Got 300 channels and nothin’ on? Try our network guide for your archetype:

The Food Network

Creatives love the Food Network for the magazine-come-to-life glossy camera work, how-tos, and absolutely delicious food. With personalities like Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay and Giada di Laurentiis, the channel brings it in ingenuity and flair. When you’re not drooling over the TV, find them on Twitter and Facebook.


Has anyone else noticed that Lifetime has been bringin’ it lately? The once sappy, box-of-tissues network has been rolling out some seriously great guilty pleasures such as the Flowers in the Attic remake, as well as House of Versace and Lizzie Bordon Took an Axe (and the upcoming Brittany Murphy Story and the Saved by the Bell movie). Coupled with Project Runway, Lifetime has a rainy day covered. 


Bravo had it made in 2003 with its runaway hit, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and has since been a testament to pop culture crazy. With the Real Housewives of everywhere and a multitude of out-there personalities, Bravo has cornered the market on taste, style and dynamic characters. Find your fave “Bravoleb” here.


All sports, all the time, since 1979. Actually, that slogan was retired in 1994, but it still applies. The station boasts Sportscenter, every match ever, and a plethora of shouting announcers. Perfect for when you’re off the field.


FX truly is fearless. The Rebel in a sea of conformity, FX brings it all: American Horror Story, Fargo, Sons of Anarchy, Louie, Archer, It’s Always Sunny… I could go on and on but I’m too busy watching every Simpsons episode ever


AMC has consistently delivered incredible programming with Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, establishing a pattern of revolutionary, the-lot-thickens dramas. The best/worst part? You’re completely hooked! After your binge, follow them online and hashtag your tweets to join the conversation.


CNBC is the ultimate business executive queen/king hub – they report on US and international businesses, the stock market, CEOs and leaders in the industry. There’s commentary, there’s drama, there’s so much news for the aspiring and/or successful Royal.


Bring the drama and the lights! E! has the Kardashians, arguably the most famous-for-what women out there, funny lady Chelsea Lately, and a ton of other bright-lights-big-personalities to entertain you. It’s everything the Performer loves – fashion, entertainment, comedy, award shows – 24/7, 365 days a year. 


Oprah’s network focuses on self-growth and enlightenment, running shows such as Oprah’s Next Chapter, Oprah’s Lifeclass and Super Soul Sunday. Geared to women who face life with a Spiritual slant, the channel, site and O magazine give life tips on finding joy, setting boundaries and finding happiness in life. 


Nat Geo WILD

A sister station to the National Geographic network, WILD is… well, wild. If it’s an animal, it’s on this channel. Some favorites are Animal Fight Night, Fight for Life and The Incredible Dr. Pol, but World’s Deadliest is where it GETS REAL. Not for the squirmy!

TED Talks

With many available on Netflix, TED Talks are conferences on good ideas, presentations by experts in fields where there have been major changes or there is work to be done. Past presenters include Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, Malcolm Gladwell, Sylvia Earle, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Mike Rowe and Nobel Prize winners – not too shabby! Plug in to your favorite cause and get inspired. 


For the Intellectual, you can’t get better than PBS. From shows like Downton Abbey to Antiques Roadshow, mysteries to histories, PBS has brought the most genius programming for decades; they even have resources for teachers, and of course, Sesame Street! Supported by viewers like you, PBS has consistently been called the most trustworthy channel on the tube, and gives you entertainment while you learn.