Lockin’ lips, smooching, making out or a single peck – what’s your kissing style?

Know thyself, yes, but know the one you are about to kiss too – your styles may vary greatly. When the two of you share each other’s primary archetypes, the kisses are on lock. If not, you may be left with much to be desired. See our at-a-glance guide to know what to expect and how to adjust.

You wrote the book poem and movie score to the ultimate kiss. Your kiss is not just for the lips but for every part of the human body. Your favorite kiss is the ice cold water kiss where you transfer cool liquid from your mouth to the mouth of your beloved.

Your kiss is wet, sweaty and hard. The recipient can barely breathe as you bear down with passion and intensity. It is by far the most weighted kiss and burns the most calories!

Your kiss is triple XXX. You use your tongue to penetrate the mouth in and out. You are deep throat and dominating. You also can be the most memorable of all the kisses, as alcohol and cigarettes are often part of the olfactory experience.

You own the world’s most tender kiss. Eyelids and wounds are your favorite places to plant your lips. Your kiss more than any other may have the genuine potential to heal someone.

You own kisses in the dark. You love kissing with your eyes closed. You also hold the record for longest kisses in the history of romance given your love for repetition.

Can you say drama!? You started practicing kissing the mirror at about the age of 4 after watching your first good romance movie. Your kisses are well staged and choreographed – stage blocking and positioning is everything! As for lighting, lets just say lights on, eyes open and let the show begin.

Your kiss owns the cheek and the hand. Your kisses are by far the most formal and clean. Your archetype wrote the book on etiquette, so fresh breath and textbook kisses are no exception.

You own the air kiss. In fact, you invented it out of complete necessity to avoid getting your hair and make-up messed up. You also love the très chic European greeting of kisses on each side of the cheek, however superficial it may be.

Your kiss includes a transcendent embrace with long silent pauses of deep contemplation. You love just holding space with the one you love. Your archetype prefers a hug to a kiss and on some level always includes a silent prayer for the one you love.

Yours is a curious kiss. It’s much more about where you are than how you are doing it – whether it’s a tent you have made out of your bedding or somewhere far more exotic, like kissing underwater or just before a wave sweeps you both away. Kissing with you is always a keepsake memory.

The kiss between you and your mate is natural like something from discovery channel. Your kiss is organic and free spirited in every way. Your hands are often holding the sides of your beloved’s face. Just watch out for your breath, dear Advocate – your diet of garlic, onion, kale and turmeric can leave a strong aftertaste some might rather forget!




Your kisses are measured and sometimes almost rigid. You are not a sucker for romance or getting your lips inhaled from your face. Kisses are given in the places where they belong which includes lips, neck, and all areas of the face. Just chew some gum after that third cup of coffee!