Everyone has a dark side. Here, a look at the sinister underbellies of our archetypes. Be honest: See any that jump out?

The Destroyer

The Destroyer shadow manifests in vindictiveness and an unchecked fascination with wreaking enormous destruction on enemies.

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The Perfectionist

The passion of Creative people for the highest forms of beauty, while inspirational, can also manifest itself in a quest for the unattainable.

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The Cheater

When competition is taken too seriously, it can result in cheating. In some ways it’s easier to cheat in sports than in other areas of life, because there are so many opportunities in a game to do so.

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The Know-It-All

People who live to think and acquire as much as many facts as possible can become know-it-alls.

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The Criminal

Because Rebels by their nature push at boundaries, they can easily go too far and break the law.

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The Gossip

When you live to be interesting and you happen to be a natural raconteur with an acerbic wit, then gossiping can grab the attention of a captive audience.

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The Victim

Whether enslaved or codependent, Caregivers who go too far will end up victims, not just of the people for whom they are caring but of their own guilt and feelings of inadequacy.

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The Gambler

Without investors, many visionaries would be nowhere and so another dark side of their nature is that they can misuse their powers of persuasion to lead those who believe in them down wasteful and treacherous paths.

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The Escapist

While Explorers are seen as heroic and strong-willed types, their disappearance leads to fear and frustration for everyone who loves them; and sometimes it leads to serious injury and death.

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The Snob

When the obsession with appearances goes too far the snob emerges, passing judgment on people and their outfits, homes, cars and restaurant reservations, and often quickly alienating family and friends with a high-mindedness that to most seems based on superficialities.

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The Martyr

For a martyr, when the belief in God is so great, more important than anything else in life, there can seem to be no choice but to sacrifice everything including life itself to defend the right to believe.

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The Prostitute

When it becomes so easy to take advantage of one’s position, it takes a certain amount of discipline to fight the urge to debase the reputation of self and family.

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The Saboteur

Like their archetypal cousin, the Jokester, Rebels live to upend anything that smacks of banality or conservatism.

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The Codependent

Caregivers can become ensnared in situations beyond their control and wrongly take responsibility when things go badly.

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The Hermit

When the appeal of silence (with nobody around to second guess them or make them explain themselves) is too great, visionaries can use their powers of imagination in destructive ways.

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The Vampire

Like Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula, who fed on the lifeblood of others while living in a regal manner, Royals can be a drain on those around them.

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The Demigogue

Spiritual demigogues use the same charisma that brought them to their positions of power to abuse and defraud.

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The Addict

Often using terms like “genius” for items so rare that they’re unattainable to most people, they are the shopaholics whom retailers love—and concerned spouses, parents and siblings deplore. Taken to extremes, a seemingly benign hobby like “shopping” can cause almost irreparable financial and emotional harm.

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The Brat

Because they are used to pampering and don’t know how to do things for themselves, Royals can exhibit childish behavior in the form of tantrums and unreasonable demands.

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The Obsessive

Like addicts who count the hours before the next drink or cigarette, obsessive advocates are always itching to take up arms and fight, even at the most inappropriate times.

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The Seducer

Rather than receive the feelings of those they love or listen to them, Seducers constantly look for ways to be of interest and to have the last word.

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The Thief

In addition to having access, thieves who manifest themselves as royal shadows are shrouded in elegant mantles of acceptability.

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The Opinionator

Because advocates work hard to understand their causes, they are knowledgeable about matters that many people intentionally ignore. This can make them opinionated and judgmental to the point of belligerence.

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The Narcissist

The attention that Tastemakers receive for their laudable sense of style and their dazzling confidence can turn their healthy egos into raging bonfires of self-absorption.

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The Slave

Caring for someone else can have a dark side. When Caregivers give too much they lose track of themselves in service to others.

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The Fighter

Sometimes a Rebel becomes too aggressive in their various pursuits, and turns into a fighter who won’t back down and won’t stop arguing.

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The Hacktivist

Tech-oriented Advocates tend to feel that in the Internet age, all information should be free. But when they end up sharing confidential information or content that is protected by law, they run into trouble.

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The Liar

When individuals whose stock and trade is their wisdom and knowledge cannot deliver the goods, they resort to fabrication, hiding behind their authority.

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The Copycat

While imitation may well be the sincerest form of flattery, it can be self-destructive and embittering to the Creative who is so desperate to express himself that he highjacks the work of someone else to make his mark on the world.

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The Bully

The danger with living too much in your body is that you can end up using it to bad ends as well as good.

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The Pretender

Pretenders can get away with things until others around them start to see their dishonesty. Living on the surface of things can only go so far in terms of real human relationships.

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The Misanthrope

While many Intellectuals are humanists, drawing information from all kinds of people and delighting in imparting wisdom to just as many, some are misanthropic.

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The Novelty-Seeker

Explorers have a hard time appreciating what they have already accomplished because they always feel there is more to do. This compulsion may cause them to leave tasks in their present reality, unfinished.

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The Anarchist

When advocates lose a sense of perspective because they believe so firmly in their cause that they are willing to invoke violence to promote it, they become Anarchists.

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