In honor of the 25th anniversary & new Blu-Ray, Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery, we archetype the eccentric characters from Lynch’s world.

Mark Frost and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks first aired in April 1990, introducing the world to a cast of characters so compelling, it quickly developed a cult following. In the decades that followed, TV shows have tried to mimic the same premise of the small town/big murder/eccentric detective, but nothing compares to the original – a motley crew stranger than fiction. Attempting to archetype each person is near impossible, mainly because there are so many delightfully juicy Shadow archetypes at play, but the heart of many of the characters rings true. 

So without further ado, happy almost-25th, Twin Peaks! A damn fine cup of coffee and piece of cherry pie is in order!

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Is there anyone more intriguing and captivating than Special Agent Dale Cooper? Good-looking, weird, fascinating, smart – Cooper is the ultimate Visionary, a detective who is curious and forward-thinking. He manages to examine a fringe town’s murder with the seriousness of a disciple on a quest for truth, enchanting and inflaming the residents, recording his findings for the elusive Diane, enjoying strong black coffee, pie, doughnuts, the teachings of Tibetan Monks and visions in his sleep. He’s quirky and open-minded but no-nonsense, and puts a lot of consideration in the metaphysical and paranormal. He’s a true original. 

Runner-up: Laura’s mom, Sarah Palmer, is the harbinger of visions, ESP and, of course, lots of wailing. She sees the truth in flashes and fits. 

Audrey Horne

Part pin-up, part schoolgirl, Audrey Horne is as iconic as they come in the Twin Peaks series. Her knee-length skirts, demure sweaters, the saddle shoes, the red pumps, the beauty mark by her eye, her vintage curls – she makes drowsy, absurd slow dancing look super chic. Her style is witty and ironic, considering she’s a bit of a dark soul, and that plaid-skirt-tight-sweater combo is ultimately a fabulously bittersweet, sultry combination.

Runner-up: Jeremy “Jerry” Horne, Benjamin Horne’s fresh-in-from-France brother who not only has the hot tip on the best sandwiches, but he also manages to rock a pretty ridiculous set of sunglasses at all hours of the day and a bowtie.

Josie Packard

The melancholy beauty Josie has traveled from Hong Kong to Twin Peaks, and her mysterious spirit definitely lends itself to having seen more of the world than not. She’s hardly innocent, although her kindness to Pete is a plus. She’s hardcore cunning and iron-willed, seemingly undaunted by new places, faces and the possibility of death – she’s an adventurous, brave but extremely deceptive character.

Runner-up: Trucker and all-around violent dirtbag, Leo Johnson, is up for the journey. As a drug-dealing, wife-beating thug, he obviously doesn’t seem like the ideal Explorer, but his trips to and fro qualify!

Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill

Deputy Hawk is first and foremost a stand-up gentleman, saving Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman multiple times, and is called “Hawk” because he’s an excellent tracker of animals, people, and even cars. But he also has a spiritual side – he believes strongly in the mystic and sacred power of the Twin Peaks’ woods, and even schools Cooper (and the viewer) on the White Lodge and the Black Lodge

Runner-up: The Log Lady, a Twin Peaks resident who carries a clairvoyant log, possibly possessed by the spirit of her deceased husband. 

Norma & Shelly

Norma is a former Miss Twin Peaks, now running the Double R Diner, married to an ex-con she can’t wait to get back behind bars. Shelly is her coworker and friend, a beautiful high school dropout married to a monstrously abusive psychopath. The two show their Advocate side by organizing the Meals on Wheels program with Laura Palmer, as well as sponsoring the Miss Twin Peaks Pageant.

It’s no secret most Twin Peaks fans have major soft spots for these two sweethearts – and the abuse they put up with is absolutely tragic. 

Runner-up: Maddy, Laura Palmer’s identical cousin, does some pretty big digging in an effort to bring her cousin’s killer to light, advocating for the rights of the victim.

Sheriff Harry S. Truman

Down-to-earth and logical, Sheriff Truman broaches the subject of Laura Palmer rationally and calmly, even consoling poor Deputy Andy. He is a bit weary of Agent Cooper at first, but ultimately, respects and appreciates the atypical way Cooper conducts an investigation. Overall, he’s just pleasant and dedicated to the job at hand; trying to crack the case is priority number one.

Runner-up: Doc Hayward, the town coroner and Donna’s (Laura’s BFF) dad, known for being fair and balanced, and surprisingly the only person in Twin Peaks who might not have a crazy salacious double life.

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

Dr. Jacoby was Laura’s psychiatrist before she passed away (seriously, how did this girl have time to do anything? Oh, right, drugs), and found himself markedly changed by her presence. Saying that the red/blue lenses of his glasses make the world more three-dimensional, Jacoby is the ultimate beach bum in his free time – surfing and serving up tiki drinks, listening to Hawaiian music and doting on teenage girls.

Runner-up: Sweet Pete Martell, the fisherman who finds Laura Palmer, is highly eccentric, kind and resourceful (except not so much with the fish coffee). While he does have an Intellectual side as a chess champion, he approaches life and his hobbies with the gusto of a Creative.

Benjamin Horne

THIS GUY. Amirite?! This guy! Benjamin Horne is the epitome of the stinking rich ’80s businessman – the big box shoulder suit, the snobbery turned up to 11, the inclination to patronize brothels – and he’s really, really good at it. He’s the King of Twin Peaks; he owns the Great Northern, Horne’s Department Store and One Eyed Jack’s, he’s slept with all the lady power players in the town and is possibly Donna’s real dad (SPOILER ALERT). He sees what he wants and he takes it.

Runner-up: The cold-blooded Catherine Martell loves to be loved when the lovin’ comes with power. She’s the true owner of the Packard Mill (I mean, Josie doesn’t even want it) and has many evil schemes up her sleeve, but unfortunately, she’s a Queen without a throne.

Bobby Briggs

MAJOR BRIGGS: “Robert, this may be a good time for a brief discussion.”
BOBBY: “You want to talk about cigarettes? Today?!”
MAJOR BRIGGS: “No. But put it out. It’s a filthy habit, especially for a varsity athlete.”

Bobby is the captain of the football team, despite his rebellious attitude, smoking and substance abuse habits, but meh – he’s young enough to bounce back. The Athlete is competitive, can sometimes be a bully, and Bobby definitely has some major aggression issues and wants to win, no matter what. 

Runner-up: Superhuman-strength Nadine Hurley loves to work out and keep her drapes silent. When she suffers from amnesia, her Athlete side really shines – she thinks of herself as a teenager on the high school wrestling team.

Donna Hayward

Donna’s BFF status rockets to super-BFF after Laura’s death – she’s obsessed with trying to find out who killed her friend, to the point that she’s taking on the investigation herself. She loses the jock-boyfriend and starts dating James Hurley, another one of Laura’s exes (can’t fire-walk-with-me without tripping over one of them in this town). Donna has a big ol’ Caregiver heart, whether it’s helping her dad make diet lasagna (seriously, why is that a thing?) or keeping Laura’s secrets in the vault.

Runner-up: That lug, “Big” Ed Hurley, husband to Nadine and clandestine lover of Norma. A gentle giant, Ed takes in his nephew, James, as his own, and tries his hardest to keep Nadine’s tantrums at bay. 

Leland Palmer

Leland is the extremely dramatic and completely baffling attorney in the town of Twin Peaks, the father of Laura, the murderer of a few, the possessed by BOB… guy. His Performer nature veers wildly into melodrama, not that he can help it if he’s possessed, but he provides some absolutely fascinating character studies of grief throughout the series. When he’s not jumping on his daughter’s casket, he’s weeping openly and having a mental breakdown to Pennsylvania 6-5000.

Runner-up: Snapping, dancing, backwards-speaking, The Man from Another Place. Because if this isn’t a performance, I don’t know what one is.

Laura Palmer

Oh, Laura. The good girl gone bad. But really, really bad. On the outside, Laura was the homecoming queen, a philanthropist and volunteer, best friend to Donna, a blonde, blue-eyed, sweet girl. But afterhours, she was using drugs, sleeping with the entire town, and working at the casino/brothel. When they say “you have as many hours in the day as Beyonce,” they should amend it to “you have as many hours in the day as Laura Palmer,” because that girl got stuff done. She was so double-life, she not only had a regular diary, she had a secret diary, with even more secrets in it. Who has two diaries?! LAURA PALMER, the ultimate of rebels. 

Runner-up: James Hurley is the classic rebel – motorcycle, leather jacket, falling in love with the wrong girl. A little bit clever, a little bit dumb, just the right amount of sex appeal.