The Indochino Ultimate Tech Collection features suits made of water-resistant fabric, stylish pocket protectors, and a discreet earphone port, along with a detachable quilted vest to keep you warm.

The New Suit of Armor

Neither snow nor rain can stay these threads

by the Archetypes Editors

Should you ever worry about getting caught, say, in a sudden squall or snowstorm on your way to the office, online tailor Indochino has you covered. The suits in its new Ultimate Tech collection are both tactful and tactical, deflecting extreme weather without making you look Antarctica-bound.

The key piece of the Tech Collection is a detachable duck down-filled panel of quilted polyester that hooks on to either side of your suit’s inner lapel, covering your otherwise exposed trunk and neck. (Indochino calls it a “storm flap,” but we think “modular Edwardian collar” sounds better.) It provides the functionality of a puffy coat without the Michelin Man effect.

The suits themselves are also designed with utility in mind. Each hides an earphone port—discreetly tucked beneath the left lapel—and a touch-sensitive plastic pocket that keeps iDevices safe and dry. The suit’s wrinkle-resistant fabric features a polymer coating that repels water and resists stains, making it fit for both inclement weather and interminable trans-Atlantic flights.

No one wants to arrive in Zürich looking a rumpled mess. Is it a replacement for your vicuña wool Brioni or Kiton K-5? Absolutely not. But it’ll spare your rare fabrics a battering from the elements while keeping you looking boardroom-ready.

Indochino Ultimate Tech Collection, suits starting at $500 at