“This is what I do. I ride big waves.” -Laird Hamilton

Members of the Athlete family lead with their bodies, not with their heads. They are at their best when on the move, and going forward is more a part of their nature than holding back. These Athletes, Outdoorsman, Tomboys, and Dancers are at their most articulate when doing rather than talking.

They like to take risks and make quick decisions instead of ruminating and mulling for long periods of time, and they are far more comfortable working a video game or power tool than an equation. Quietly magnetic personalities, they connect with the world through the tactile and kinetic. And when it comes to competition, they are the ones who take it most seriously.

The Athlete

Athletes are always game. They don’t shy away from tasks others find daunting, especially in the physical realm. They enjoy the spirit of competition and understand the pleasures in playing as much as winning.

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The Outdoorsman

Outdoorsmen and -women are physically fit, environmentally conscious and adventurous. They are resourceful, unmaterialistic, and appreciative of nature’s quiet beauty.

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The Dancer

Dancers are an appealing combination of physically fit and stylish. They are quick to react and fun to be with whenever there’s a good beat around.

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The Tomboy

Tomboys don’t play games. They are straightforward, honest and concerned with getting things done in the most direct way possible. They are also refreshingly lacking in vanity, and bring a freshness and vigor to socially formal situations.

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The Cheater

When competition is taken too seriously, it can result in cheating. In some ways it’s easier to cheat in sports than in other areas of life, because there are so many opportunities in a game to do so.

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The Bully

The danger with living too much in your body is that you can end up using it to bad ends as well as good.

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