Sports fan? Love to sweat, play, and compete? Are you in tune with your body and the physical expression of life? Do you love to apply your strong muscles, quick reflexes, and mental agility in a competitive setting? Are you an Athlete at heart? Then, hello, Jock!

Nature is hostile; the strong prevail. Physical prowess, determination, a strategic mind and the ability to work in teams have kept humans alive against formidable foe and unlikely odds. This is why Jocks are among the most admired figures of society. At a basic level, they embody the characteristics humans have relied on to survive as a species.

Jocks push themselves physically and mentally to achieve as an individual or a team. They will change their diets, train, visualize success, learn from coaches, try new work outs, watch the greats and do whatever it takes to better their game. Jocks show what they are made of through their dedication to athletic goals.

Jock Superpowers

  • Fast and strong
  • Physically in tune with the environment; adaptive
  • Tough with a high tolerance for pain
  • Disciplined, committed and competitive
  • Team-first mentality

A Happy Jock
A winning team is the secret to happiness for an Jock. The Super Bowl ring, Gold Medal or World Cup is made all the sweeter by all the Athlete has endured and experienced along the way with teammates. Even in individual sports, like boxing, the Jock depends on the team. Coaches, trainers, dietitians, and doctors all factor in to the final score.

Famous Jocks
Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Lindsey Vonn, David Beckham, Serena and Venus Williams, Michael Phelps, LeBron James, Lionel Messi, Yani Tseng, Ronda Rousey

Jock Entourage
The Jock needs other Jocks to play with and compete against. They often stick together. The love of the game is a strong bonding agent. Cheerleaders are a bonus! Jocks who branch out socially with other types often learn life lessons they can apply to becoming better players.

Jock in Love
Scientific studies suggest that performance in competitive sports correlates with increased sexual attraction from the potential partners, to which non-scientists reply, “No duh.” Whether this relates to phenotype quality, fighting ability, human evolution, or just hotness, the result is the same: Jocks get more action than non-jocks.

Some Jocks are loyal to one partner even though their options are varied and plentiful. Some do not have enough self-control for that and become notorious “players” instead. The tabloids are never short on sex scandals involving famous Jocks. Jocks tend to date their own kind: people with a strong drive for physical self-expression. Dancers and Actors included.

Athlete Challenge
Athletic careers are short. At every level of game, from the pee-wee leagues to the big leagues, the competition is stiff. After a lifetime of training, one bad injury is all it takes to end an Jock’s career. The risk of physical harm is the greatest challenge in the life of a Jock.

How to Play It
If you’re a Jock, studies show that your lifestyle contributes to a better life. People who train regularly have increased vitality, are better able to handle stress, are less prone to depression and it probably doesn’t hurt that they look hotter either.

Even after a high school, college- or pro-Athlete’s career ends, true Jocks will continue to find new ways to participate in and contribute to the world of sports. Whether it’s a game at the city park, coaching, training others at the gym, or applying the winner’s mindset to other pursuits, the Jock who is sharing his or her love of a sport enriches the lives of others and refining his or her own character in the process. 

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