From my years of travels abroad and my love for different cultures, particularly those in Asia, I’ve learned one thing in particular: Asian women take their skincare very, very seriously. Not only do they demand the best ingredients developed by the best minds in cosmetic chemistry, but they are loyal to these brands and expect results. Fitting in rather perfectly with the Queen’s own need for excellence and luxury, wouldn’t you say? So if the idea of feeling like Korean royalty appeals to you, you will adore the Sulwhasoo Limited Edition Premium TimeTreasure Essentials Gift Set available at Neiman Marcus for $720. It includes full-sized TimeTreasure Renovating Serum and Renovating Cream as well as smaller sizes of some of their luscious other products, made from potent Korean medicinal herbs (particularly ginseng). And for those who simply cannot bear the thought of an ordinary SPF product, try the Snowise Brightening BB Cream ($60), which does marvels for your Queenly countenance while protecting you from the sun.

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