A $5,000 Céline leather shift isn’t within everyone’s budget. For many, even the Tinley Road vegan knockoff is a stretch. But anyone can afford a fancy nail polish or mascara or hairspray. Sometimes it doesn’t even require that much effort to copy a runway look. Last season the cosmetics were subtle. Nude makeup was the default option: concealer rather than foundation, subdued hues or simple gloss on the lips, and white or freakish skin-tone nails. The only color was splashes of bold eye makeup, applied with expert imprecision—at Anna Sui, Marimekko, and Kate Spade, for instance—looking like a cross between Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner and Adam Ant at the Meadowlands.

Which looks will dominate the runways this week? There are some clues. For instance, the Pantone color pick for spring 2013 was Monaco blue. Thus, much of last season’s eye makeup was based on variations on that shade. Many forecasters predict that the recently announced Pantone color of the year, emerald green (no. 17-5641), will show up for fall 2013. Sephora is putting out an entire collection based on a collaboration with Pantone that will debut in March. Meanwhile, you can shop the brand’s color-of-the-year section right now.