Ben Franklin had once said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Now, we can only imagine on how waking up early would make a man wealthy. I guess, what Franklin meant was rising early means going to work, which eventually makes you earn money. As for being wise, going to bed early and waking up early refreshes your brain. You are ready to soak in everything that comes your way. So you are wise. Now, as for being healthy, is there any benefits linked to rising early? Let’s find out what benefits are there, healthy, wealthy, and wise part in waking up early in the morning.

You get to embrace the first beauty of the nature

Sunrise is the first beauty that the nature gifts us. Those of you who have seen sunrise would totally agree with me. The dark sky gradually clears away, displaying a clear blue sky, and producing a magical aura of reddish hue throughout. That’s when the sun comes up. The scene is quite breathtaking. And those of you who starts the day with a cup of steaming coffee, would thoroughly enjoy it. Trust me, this is good enough to awaken the sleepy you.

You are more proactive than others

How so? Well, there have been studies that showed results of early risers to be more fresher, able to concentrate more, involves in various activities, and importantly, stay positive. After a good, deep slumber, you have the energy to face challenges, and have the ability to be productive.

More time to yourself

You are up early while the whole household is sleeping – this mere thought is enough to depress you. But, look at the bright side. After couple of minutes of being cranky, you would soon realise the advantage you would have. A quiet house, no one to distract you, and you get to have some time for yourself. Use these precious times doing things you would have done if you were granted some spare time.

Better exercise

Waking up early adds another benefit to your routine. You have some time for exercises. Be it free hand, on the treadmill, jogging, running, or with equipments, indulge in some elimination of sweat. This is a great way to feel fresh, and also to eliminate the sleepiness. You can also meditate as it would make a perfect way to start the day. Shower afterwards.

No chance to avoid breakfast

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal for a human being. It is also said to “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. Eating a healthy breakfast will release energy and is beneficial for your metabolism. Also, a healthy breakfast won’t starve you till lunch time that you would over eat and crave for unhealthy meals.

Gives you time to contemplate

When you are up early, and have plenty of time in hand before rushing into your schedule, you can contemplate on yourself. This can be related to your future, your family’s future, present times, or even set goals for yourself and your family. Early morning is the best time to make important decisions since your mind is free from the chaos created at the end of the day.

Early risers sleep better

Since you wake up earlier than the others, and since from then onwards you are involved in various activities, you would naturally get tired in the end. A fully tired mind and body would instantly snooze away as soon as you hit the sack. This will also give you a deep sleep that you require the most. And the cycle continues.

If you are not the early person, but want to be one because this article has inspired you, or simply because you have to due to unavoidable circumstances, don’t fret. Start slowly. The time will depend on you.