Its time to start planning your Halloween costumes! This year, Andrew Yang looks to some of his friends for costume inspiration for your archetype!

Any Creative will tell you they’re probably going to make their costume. How about a flashing, metallic robot, with a Klaus Nomi touch? Tokyo-based fashion blogger/international icon Misha Janette Fleming would finish it off with her black lipstick and be thrilled to be able to wear her signature sunglasses – at night. 

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Sometimes the class clown makes the best Performer and sometimes the performer makes the best clown. For Halloween this year, why don’t you put a glamorous spin on the clown, take a note from the historical performances of Pierette & Pierrot, like the beautiful NYC superstar DJ Amber Valentine? 

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Moschino rocked the runways this season with his Barbie inspired collection – and she IS the ultimate Fashionista. Nightlife blonde-sensation Darian Darling would look STUNNING in a Barbie pink dress with all the ruffles and sequins. Make sure your nails match! 

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Intellectuals are out to answer the questions in life, big and small. Who wants to answer questions more than the classic detective Sherlock? Even though she’s proving herself to be more than any one archetype – the ingenue Tavi Gevinson would be the perfect one to solve the mystery of what to be for Halloween! 

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Advocates want to bring awareness to world issues 365 days a year, and Halloween is no exception, although they still like to dress up! This year, why don’t you emulate a beautiful Mother Earth, with flowing locks and flowers in your hair like this portrait of arche-star Carson Meyer? 

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Send me an Angel! The go-to costume for the Spiritual, the Angel, can be cheesy, so make it over the top. Have fun playing with the scale of your wings and add a little Renaissance flavor – like I know mysterious singer Caroline Polachek (Chairlift, Ramonalisa) would. She even has an extra halo in her hair! 

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Fairy tales have been all the rage for the last few seasons on the stage and screen and any Royal will relish walking in their shadow and playing the part of the Evil Queen (or King) for a night. As the Queen of New York Nightlife, Ladyfag would OWN this look – be sure to top it off with oodles of jewels! 

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Athletes have been in and out of the media for ages, but it was during the 1980s (with the advent of the VHS) that athletes became media stars in the way we recognize them today. In the era of Olivia Newton John’s “Physical,” the aerobics instructor was a glamorous figure in flashy colors and makeup – a look I know designer Maayan Zilbermann would love to incorporate into her every day wardrobe, starting with Halloween! 

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Devils used to be scary, but in the past few decades of Halloween, they’ve been sexy, charming, and fun, and yes, still downright scary. Japanese rock star and fashion icon Azumi would restyle the traditional devil horns into an adorable fascinator! Make sure you work red lipstick and gloves to match! 

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Explorers LOVE to go where no man or woman has gone before, and not long ago, that place was space. World traveler and renowned photographer Gigi Stoll would make the picture perfect astronaut. Put a retro flair on it and have fun with the metallics! 

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What is more Visionary than looking into the mysteries of the great beyond? Death, often a haunting figure in literature and history, takes the form of the grim reaper, but doesn’t frighten the those of us who dare to don the black cloak and pick up the scythe. This year scream queen Severely Mame shows us how its done! 

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Mother Goose created and told the stories that countless children hear every night before going to bed – she also looked fabulous. Today’s mamanista of the New York Nightlife, Susanne Bartsch, would put a fashion chic spin on the traditional Mother Goose outfit by making the bonnet into a sculptural wig, and adding a little goose on top, because – why not? 

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