Whatever your aspirations for the future may be, you have to start somewhere, and whether you’re ambitious or reserved, you have ideas of where you want to go. So let’s get going! We found some of the best online job hunting sites, as well as a few tips, to help you get started – whether you lost your job or if you’re on the hunt for a pivotal move. Comment any other sites you’ve found particularly helpful!

The divine and chic Tastemaker needs a career in line with his/her interests – namely style, trends and design. Check out our Tastemaker Career Guide and get inspired to revamp that resume and portfolio (if you need to redo some artwork, get on it!). Then get to clickin:

Velvet Jobs

You at a normal 9-to-5 doesn’t sound like your cup of tea. Find out your true work nature and then scan different airline sites and Amtrak for positions, or try these out of the box listings: 

NatGeo Jobs
National Park Service Positions
American Airlines
Delta Airlines

Get inspired, Advocate! Your career path is paved with good intentions, and there are many avenues that cater to this need to help. Keep in mind your working style and then hit these great sites:

The Peace Corps

Intellectual, put those smarts to good use. Make sure your resume is in its best shape, get all those letters of recommendation from academic advisors in order, follow our guide and then hit these sites:

New Scientist Jobs
USA Jobs
Join the CIA

Flourish at work, Creative, with our outline of your work ethic! Your dreamy and artistic nature needs to thrive. Whether you’re a chef, designer or writer, follow your dream by searching through the following: 

Culintro Jobs
Good Food Jobs
Creative Circle

Depending on what you want to do, you have a variety of options that works with your determined nature. You can work with a school sports team, at a brand you like (for example, The North Face) or – if you are a physical therapist, nutritionist, or sports doc with credentials, check into local hospitals and rehab facilities. Two places for the Athlete to start:


The Rebel may run into trouble in the workplace (help with that here). You are most likely to find a new gig freelancing, through a friend of a friend or sweet talking your way into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You also don’t mind blazing your own trail. In the meantime, you’re not above trying:

The Department of Defense
Film Crew Jobs

Caregiver, put your need to guide front and center. You’re reliable, competent and probably Employee of the Year. Make sure you’re appreciated on the job, because as you well know, it’s can be a thankless world out there. Try these on to get your juices flowing:

Department of Education
School Spring
EMT school
Volunteer firefighter
Become a Boys & Girls Club mentor

The Visionary has an independent, enterpreneurial streak, but sometimes lacks confidence. Believe in yourself and then set out to conquer your dreams. Some Visionary destinations are pretty covert – film directors, detectives, inventors – throw your net wide and meet the right people. Or try these:

Jobs at Google

You are the queen (or king!) of networking – so finding a job should be relatively easy. The problem is, is it a good fit? A Royal without a throne is a sad state of affairs. After making sure your LinkedIn is in tip-top condition (headhunters regularly contact there) – have you tried:

The Ladders
CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) – not just necessarily for women!

The Performer is a hustler. You sometimes have a day job, a night job and a freelance job just to make ends meet, and that’s before you fulfill your 6 week stint as Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Follow your bliss, but keep in mind you need a steady stream of income. Check out these:

Casting Networks

Do not get cynical, Spiritual! You can find a way to give your daily grind purpose. First, battle your blues with our Career Guide, then get thee to the internet. First, check out your place of worship and see if they’ve posted anything (and when you attend services, make sure you get the word out – places of worship are the best at networking and finding out who needs what!), then see these:

Opportunity Knocks
Jewish Jobster
Work Halal