“Art is not a pastime, but a priesthood.” – Jean Cocteau

Creatives are highly imaginative people who find fulfillment in self-expression and live life as a work of art. Whether painters, poets, romantics, chefs or children, they are the ones who know how to turn work into a process that fuels ideas and expands the parameter of possibility for everyone.

Joy is an essential part of creativity, and even when the work is backbreaking, there is the intense motivation and ultimate goal of getting lost in the act of creation. That’s because for the truly creative individual, the process is as important as the result. Whether it’s making art, an innovative menu or love in the bedroom, members of the creative family are never intimidated by the challenge of throwing themselves into projects.

The Artist

Because they work with their hands and on their feet, visual artists tend to be physically engaging characters. They have a flair for living well, often surrounding themselves with simple and beautiful things.

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The Chef

More than any other Creative types, chefs have the ability to make everyone around them happy by cooking, and often do so spontaneously at gatherings. Their knowledge of food interests all kinds of people because while not everyone cares about art, everyone cares about eating.

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The Child

Not yet cynical, open-minded, expressive, and inspirational to others lost in the banalities of life, children bring the gift of fresh eyes and playful ideas to everyone around them.

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The Poet

The Poet possesses a zen-like ability to appreciate and help others to see the humor and loveliness of simple things.

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The Novelist

Novelists are disciplined, but they can also be fun because they love to get out of the house after a hard day’s work. They can also be fabulous storytellers and convivial drinking partners.

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The Romantic

Honest and unguarded, romantics are willing to invest in relationships as an act of creation, using every ounce of energy and imagination. They are also enthusiastic guides when it comes to introducing others to all things of great beauty.

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The Perfectionist

The passion of Creative people for the highest forms of beauty, while inspirational, can also manifest itself in a quest for the unattainable.

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The Copycat

While imitation may well be the sincerest form of flattery, it can be self-destructive and embittering to the Creative who is so desperate to express himself that he highjacks the work of someone else to make his mark on the world.

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