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  • Roasted Green Beans
    by Emma Chapman on March 28, 2023 at 1:00 pm

    This roasted green bean recipe is quick, simple, and so delicious. While you might not think to roast green beans, you should! They kind of blister and the ends get crispy as they roast. Top them with a little flaky sea salt and a squeeze of lemon and you’ll be glad you tried them! Green…

  • Episode 176: Finding Your Personal Style (Deep Dive)
    by Elsie Larson on March 27, 2023 at 1:00 pm

    This week, we’re sharing a deep dive on our experience cleaning out and curating our own closets. We’re also sharing how we got color consults what our best colors are.  Plus, we’re sharing tips for finding a style that felt right for us. You can find the podcast posts archive here. A big thank you…

  • 10 Things I Love Sunday
    by Elsie Larson on March 26, 2023 at 1:00 pm

    These past few weeks have been a whirlwind in our life as we have started packing to move, began projects at our new home, and are enjoying our last months in Tennessee. Life truly feels like a whirlwind (or “a beautiful mess,” augghhhhh, I SAID IT). 1. Along with a bunch of antique chandeliers, this…

  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes
    by Emma Chapman on March 25, 2023 at 1:00 pm

    Roasted sweet potatoes are a flavorful and healthy side dish that you can easily make in about 30 minutes. I love this alongside steak or chicken tenders, but you can also top these roasted sweet potatoes with a fried egg or a breakfast or vegetarian-friendly meal. Sweet potatoes are just amazing. They are a great…

  • Homemade Sour Mix
    by Elsie Larson on March 24, 2023 at 1:00 pm

    After today, you will never buy sour mix again! Making your own homemade sweet and sour mix is easy to do and so worth it. It’s much more delicious than store bought mix and you can whip up a batch in your kitchen with a few ingredients. When I was younger, an Amaretto Sour was the first…