Do you believe you’re personally responsible for what happens on a global level during your time on earth? Do you feel you’re somehow connected to others, even those very far away or very different from you? Are you compelled to defend the defenseless, speak for those who don’t have a voice and act on behalf of those who can’t? Then you are most certainly an Activist. 

The world is an unjust place. Most people are aware of this, but as long as all is going right in their own corner they are content not to do too much about it. Oh, they may complain in whispers, or watch from the sidelines in seeming helplessness and self-preservation, but it takes a special kind of person to stand up do what’s necessary to make a change. That special person is the Activist.

The Activist is socially conscious and motivated. He’ll join a movement. She’ll persuade others or institutions to change their behavior. Dedicated to economic, political, social or environmental change, the Activist will march, occupy, petition, rally, report, take legal action and do whatever else is necessary to justice.

Activist Superpowers

  • Courageous
  • Gains satisfaction from helping others, even when helping comes at a great personal cost
  • Will boldly go against the status quo if necessary, in the name of justice
  • Politically savvy
  • Assumes responsibility

A Happy Activist
Due to the rapid advancement of communication technology, the Activist has more tools and abilities than ever before to utilize in the quest for change. Social media has revolutionized activism and the happy Activist is constantly making new connections, raising awareness and organizing logistics using the many tools available. And yet, the most satisfying aspect of helping others occurs in the field.

There is an adventurous side to Activist and the fearless nature associated with this personality will sometimes push Activists to the far corners of the earth where they can provide hands on help, get real life experience and know without a doubt that they are making a difference.

Famous Activists
Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Gloria Steinem, Erin Brockovich, Bono, Angelina Jolie, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Silverstone, Neil Young

Activist Entourage
The Activist needs the political connections of people in the Royal family like the Prince, Princess, and Class Leader. When the Activist is risking physical safety out of a sense of duty or principle, the Bodyguard is a welcome friend. Rebels, Rock Stars, Entertainers, and more can help the Activist on a mission.

Activist in Love
Because Activists love the rush that comes with saving the day, they will sometimes fall for a person who is tied to the railroad track, in some sense. Activists must take care not to fall into a co-dependent pattern where they are constantly wrapped in the high drama of fighting to get the one they love out of a bad situation.

The best scenario is when the Activist loves someone who is not the least bit needy, and who also feels driven to help others. “You and me against the world” is a most fulfilling position for the Activist.

Activist Challenge
One thing to be learned from the movie The Incredibles is that superheroes usually get into the most trouble on their days off. A fight against the forces of evil is easy compared to managing boring day-to-day realities. And without the vigorous workout of an impossible challenge, it’s easy to go soft.

One of the toughest things for an Activist’s to do is to recognize the significance and brilliance of daily life. There doesn’t always have to be a fight going on in order to feel like your winning. The mastery of small, personal things is not to be discounted and can have global impact, too.

How to Play It
The very essence of activism is that it’s a fight against an oppressor and therefore the Activist must have a warrior’s heart, tenacity, and belief that victory is possible even when the fight seems hopeless.

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