Do you possess an uncanny knack for showing up at the moment when others are in peril and in need of saving? Do people ever remark about your aura or tell you that you glow? Are you more spiritual than most people you know and do you believe that you were born to do good in the world? How do you feel about harp music? 

Angels have a way of maintaining divine order and restoring the good-to-evil balance when it gets out of whack. They have healing hands, a calming presence, and they dispense unconditional love like it’s easy. In partnership with the Spiritual family, they are deeply attracted to anything and all things celestial and usually possess a level of beauty that is just plain unfair. Their worst sin is that they are just about impossible to dislike.

Angels will pray for you, be there for you, and lavish you in gentle compassion. They lend assistance and favors and will neither expect nor accept anything in return. Since “helping” is the natural state of Angels, the concept of reward is not only unnecessary, it can be confusing. To accept such a thing would be as senseless as a blonde accepting a reward for having blonde hair.

Angel Superpowers

  • Feels a direct connection a higher power
  • Is the embodiment of compassion and kindness
  • Believes deeply in the basic goodness of humanity
  • Speaks higher truths
  • Restores order and is selfless and courageous to this end

A Happy Angel
For an Angel, the best feeling in life is one of helping. But you can’t help if you don’t have the skills. Whatever your area of interest, dive in and learn all you can so that when the moment comes to use your talents, you’ll be ready.

Angels are heavenly servants who often shine brightest at work. Many are drawn toward the heroic professions, like doctor, nurse, firefighter, EMT, lifeguard, social worker, and teacher. But Angelic talents can be applied to almost any job. For instance, an Angelic lawyer might fight to protect children or the environment. An Angelic software programmer might design apps to help the elderly or infirmed in an emergency. The important thing is not the job itself, but its potential for allowing the Angel to help others.

Famous Angels
Gabriel, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Anne Frank, Joan of Arc, Clarence (of It’s a Wonderful Life)

Angel Entourage
Angels are non-judgmental and will help and love every type, even the Shadow types. They have a special relationship with the Psychic, Believer, Dreamer, and Musician.

Angel in Love
Everyone needs an Angel in their life at some point, and life is sweet, indeed, for those lucky enough to have an Angel to love. Protection, mercy, help, and a touch of mystery make life magical for the lucky soul whose life is touched by an Angel.

Giving love in abundance is presumably a reward in itself. Still, the Angel is often taken for granted, or worse taken advantage of. Angles can’t help but wonder from time to time if they are getting the short end of the stick in relationships. Indeed, sometimes they are attracted to Rebellious sorts and “fixer-uppers” and must be careful to not to throw their love and attention into black holes of need.

Angel Challenge
The realm of mortals can be complicated. Save the lamb and the lion goes hungry. Help one team win and you’re helping other team lose. Prolong the life of a fatally sick person and you’re also prolonging suffering. Morality is not always as obvious and polarized as Angels would like it to be.

Also, the presence of negative emotions and ugly thoughts that is a normal part of human life can be alarming for Angels. They so strongly identify with the concept of “goodness” that the unholy parts of human nature tend to shake the very foundation of an Angel’s being.

How to Play It
You may be an elevated, supernatural sort, but unless you have actual wings you are probably still mostly human. You can’t save everyone and you won’t do the right thing every time. When mistakes happen, and they will, remember to direct some of that mercy you’re so famous for toward yourself.

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