When life brings you a good opportunity do you immediately think about the person you want to share it with? Do you feel a compulsion to update those close to you with breaking news of your life — particularly one or two people? Does your phone so often call the same number that you can practically dial it using nothing but thought-waves? 

Super glue has nothing over the bonding powers of a BFF. Her emotional intelligence, instinct to assist, and natural inclination toward selflessness makes her a permanent fixture in the lives of her friends. The BFF learns what’s important to the ones who are important to her. She is happy to do anything and everything in her power to support and forward the aims of her friends. She also has a knack for enlisting her friends in her own adventures and involving them in her fun.

BFF Superpowers 

  • Is available to friends no matter how busy life gets. 
  • Empathetic listener relating to a wide range of situations – even the ridiculous ones.   
  • Is compassionate but does not let friends get away with being less than they can be.
  • Is the voice of reason and/or morality, when necessary. 
  • Fun and bonding time is a top priority.  

A Happy BFF
The phone is ringing, the schedule is dotted with opportunities to catch up with her best mates, and there’s the overriding sense that life is progressing in interesting and exciting ways. The best part about it is that you’re all in it together.   

Nothing makes a BFF unhappier than disconnection and discord between her and her number one pals. Her friends are often the central relationships of her life and those relationships must be in good working order for her to feel that all is right with the world.

Famous BFFs
Amy Poeler and Tina Fey, Oprah and Gayle, Lone Ranger and Tonto, Thelma and Louise, Romi and Michele, Lucy and Ethel  

BFF Entourage
Useful and fortifying relationships can be built with: the Princess, the Child, the Joker, the Entertainer, the Storyteller, the Free Spirit, the Wild Woman, the Metrosexual, the Fashionista, the Studen, and the Athlete. 

BFF in Love
Time is an issue for BFF and fitting romance into the schedule that’s full of fun with one’s posse is a challenge. Jealousies arise because everyone loves to have the BFF at their whim. Though friendship is always dear, the older BFFs often wind up transferring much of their loving attention to their significant other.

BFF Challenge
Amateur BFF’s often have to learn lessons about personal boundaries before graduating to advanced levels of BFF-dom. The disease of Doormat-ism and the practice of Shadow Living are dangers to ward against.

How to Play It
Healthy boundaries are an essential part of every relationship and a good BFF knows that a codependent dynamic doesn’t help anyone. She’s careful to live fully in her own life and interests and include her friends in them, instead of abandoning her own needs while being absorbed into the lives and interests of her friends.

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