Are you naturally protective of others? Did you idolize superheroes when you were a little kid (and pretty much still do?) Does it pain you to see anyone victimized because they are physically outmatched? Are you loyal? Would you sacrifice life and limb for someone you love? Then, hello, Bodyguard!

In professional terms the Bodyguard is a hired gun who protects a public figure or someone in a dangerous position. But for many, being a Bodyguard isn’t so much a job as a state of mind. Bodyguards are guided by an instinct to protect others, especially those who are vulnerable. This type will stand between Bully and Victim, intervene in family drama, keep women, children, and elderly safe from harm. The Bodyguard is always watching out.

The Bodyguard doesn’t have to be man built like a refrigerator, although size and strength definitely help in some of the situations this type encounters. Mothers can be Bodyguards who act with lightening-quick reflexes to keep a toddler from falling in the pool or darting out in front of a car. Children can be Bodyguards for their pets, other children, or even their parents. Hollywood loves to cast a mouse or chipmunk in such a role for dramatic and comedic affect because it proves a truism: For the Bodyguard it’s not the size of the body, but the size of the heart that matters.

Bodyguard Superpowers

  • Situational awareness
  • An uncommon level of common sense
  • Roaming eyes; always looking out for anything unusual or threatening
  • Integrity, honesty, and loyalty
  • Communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal

A Happy Bodyguard
“Safety first” is the Bodyguard motto. A carefree time without the threat of conflict, while ideal, doesn’t exactly allow the Bodyguard to shine. It’s not that the Bodyguard wants to experience the threat of danger. However, when things are amiss and the Bodyguard can rush to successfully fix the situation, it definitely fulfills a sense of purpose within this type.

Famous Bodyguards
The Secret Service, Kevin Costner as Whitney Houston’s main man in The Bodyguard, loyal knight Brienne of Tarth in HBO’s Game of Thrones, club bouncers everywhere

Bodyguard Entourage
The Bodyguard might be employed by the Prince, Princess, Class Leader, Actor, Entertainer and other public figures. They also might be in a position to defend people in the thinking and Visionary fields who are more inside their own minds and less physically dominant and aware.

Bodyguard in Love
Bodyguards are not only affectionate, they are dutifully bound to their loved ones. A person who can provide safety and comfort is extremely attractive to those who have suffered at the hands of life’s Bullies, meanies, and bad guys. That’s why the Bodyguard is in high demand for those who live in the midst of turmoil and conflict.

Bodyguard Challenge
In the larger sense, Bodyguards are always walking the line of responsibility to self and loyalty to others. At what point is a job too risky?

The Bodyguard role is intimate, saving people when they are at their most vulnerable. To discuss the weakness and weirdness of vulnerable people is a breach of honor. Self-discipline, tact and discretion are the qualities that a fine Bodyguard possesses. A Bodyguard who gets too comfortable and lets down his or her defenses is in a sense, falling down on the job.

How to Play It
If you are the Bodyguard, stay vigilant. Don’t let down your guard when it’s your watch. Don’t let down your guard when it’s not your watch either. Duty is admirable, but to go above and beyond the call of duty is noble. 

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