Do you get the feeling that others look up to you as a role model? Does it pain you to see groups of people with no direction? Do you love to be in charge of projects and does it thrill you see a plan come together? Do you take school pride seriously and think it’s your responsibility to “represent?” Then you just may be the Class Leader. 

Groups need leaders. Groups without leaders are naturally compelled to look for one and organize around the position until someone steps up to fill the void. Whether actually in a classroom or in the larger classroom of life, The Class Leader is large and in charge, born to step up. Charismatic, capable, and energetic, Class Leaders are always voted most likely to succeed because they do succeed.

Class Leader Superpowers

  • Extroverted and inclusive; they seem to know everyone
  • Natural-born politicians
  • Organized, smart, and poised
  • Ambitious
  • Builds winning teams

A Happy Class Leader
Dances don’t plan themselves and school spirit doesn’t grow on trees. The Class Leader who is actively involved in making the school experience great for everyone feels purposeful and alive. Sure, this type likes a pat on the back once in a while, but it’s not all about getting praise or good grades. For the Class Leader, involvement is fulsome living.

Famous Class Leaders
Presidents and politicians start out as this type. Personality-wise, Ryan Seacrest fits the bill nicely. The characters Alex P. Keaton (the classic Family Ties character created by Michael J. Fox) and Taylor McKessie (of High School Musical)

Class Leader Entourage
The Class Leader gets to know everyone and everyone knows the class leader. Stand out relationships will be built with the Cheerleader, Athlete, Prince and Princess, Diva, Gentleman, Artist, Besty, Activst, Geek, Nerd and more.

Class Leader in Love
This conscientious type is friendly to everyone and chooses the best and brightest to be on his or her inner circle. If the Class Leader picks you, it will feel like you’ve won a prize. The Class Leader is dynamic, charismatic, and charming. This type wants a partner who brings a lot to the table: an attractive and giving person who doesn’t mind playing a support position but who will also rise to the occasion when needed. The Class Leader is also extremely busy and typically uninterested in a relationship with anyone who will be too needy or take lots of energy, time, and work.

Class Leader Challenge
Being the one everyone looks up to isn’t always easy. There are times when the pressure seems extreme, when too many things have to happen at once and everyone is asking something of the Class Leader. Also, as in all leadership positions, popularity will ebb and flow. The Class Leader has to realize that public opinion can be fickle and it’s not something on which to base one’s self-esteem.

How to Play It
If you’re the Class Leader, realize that you can’t always please everyone. Please yourself. Do what feels right to you. Be the best leader you can be, but don’t let the role define you. Who you are inside is bigger, deeper and brighter than the limits of any social position.

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