Do you get a rush from leaping higher, reaching farther, and getting your heart pumping faster? Does graceful synchronicity between people or objects in the environment fascinate you? Are you expressive with your body, telling stories with your movement? If you answered in the affirmative, you’re a Dancer. 

You don’t have to be in a club or on the dance studio to spot a dancer. This type can turn anything into a dance. Schooching through a cafeteria line or greeting a friend becomes something cool to watch because dancers animate everything with physical charisma. They are active, lithe, and excitable. Since their bodies are their instruments, they are constantly on the move, always physically expressive. 

Dancers are passionate and pour everything into what they do, obsessing over technique and constantly pushing themselves to extremes. They’ll work long hours, practicing difficult steps every day, and pushing their bodies and minds to the limit. They are driven to express their souls, explore ideas, and tell stories through the lines of their bodies in motion.  

Dancer Superpowers

  • Strength, flexibility, fluidity and stamina: they bring it
  • Got groove? Dancers do!
  • Passionate intensity
  • A desire to experience perfection or at least get as near to it as possible  
  • A spatial relations wiz kid

A Happy Dancer
Music is key to the Dancer’s happiness. The right piece of music gives the Dancer exuberant energy, creativity, and a feeling that all of life is working together in flow. The same can be said of having the right dancing partner. Dancers get inspired by the way partners share the dance: meeting, missing, using, and closing space in a co-creation of feeling.  

Famous Dancers
Anna Pavlova, Martha Graham, Josephine Baker, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Michael Jackson, Gregory Hines, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Isadora Duncan, Sara Baras, Matt Barber, Shirley Temple, James Brown, Beyoncé, Shakira

Dancer Entourage
The Dancer forms useful and fortifying relationships with the Musician, Techie, Actor, Cheerleader, Athlete, Artist, Entertainer, Prince, Princess, Rock Star, and more. 

Dancer in Love
Among the most sensual types, Dancers are demonstrative and love to be touched, held, and physically enveloped in graceful ways. Love and movement are interlinked and they give more weight to body language than words. They crave contact. Long-distance relationships are difficult for dancers because love is so much more than an idea or feeling to communicate. For the Dancer, love is action, physical attention, and caressing care.   

Dancer Challenge
Injury is a likely reality of for dancers because it’s hard to know the limits of physicality unless you push past them. Dancers must be especially careful to listen to the messages of their bodies and notice when they are physically exhausted. Putting their own health and well being first, before the demands of the dance, is a necessity to avoid injury.  

How to Play It
Life is a dance. You have to give it your own flair, or else what’s the point? Commit. Do it badly, beautifully, weirdly, like there’s no one watching. And if they are watching, and they think you look insane, who cares? Quite possibly, they’re just not hearing the music. 

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