Do you love war games? Will you try to win at any cost? Have you experienced blood lust first hand? Do you think that it’s ok to hurt others for the sake of sport or fun? Does watching destruction – or better yet, causing it – give you a sick thrill? Then, hello, Destroyer.

The Destroyer is a living, breathing natural disaster, a thug in love with the fight, an explosion set to go off at any moment, a diabolical villain. This type will mow over whatever is in his or her path to power, even though the Destroyer doesn’t really know what to do with power. This type just wants to win in the moment, especially if it causes great suffering to others.

On a spiritual level the Destroyer is a balance to the nurturing energies. There is no light without darkness or goodness without evil, and no summer blockbuster movie without a Destroyer.

Destroyer Superpowers

  • A dangerous force
  • Bad to the bone
  • No respect for life or property
  • Lives for destruction
  • Is constantly finding new methods of annihilation

A Happy Destroyer
From the days of Roman gladiators to days of God of War III for PlayStation, violence as entertainment is the norm for humans. The Destroyer is really in the fun zone while giving people carnage to watch and fear.

Famous Destroyers
Adolf Hitler, Lord Voldemort, Prince Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones) Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Queen Mary “Bloody Mary” Caligula, Attila the Hun, Osama bin Laden, and many, many more

Destroyer Entourage
The Destroyer will harm indiscriminately but is especially after: the Queen Bee, King He, Prince, Princess, Class Leader, Dreamer, Artist, Intellectual, and Angel.

Destroyer in Love
This type cannot feel love and is disconnected from feeling in general. That may not, however, keep them from relationships, which are vehicles for power and sick games.

Destroyer Challenge
Life is constantly challenging for the Destroyer because at the core the Destroyer is for death, not life. Furthermore, the Destroyer can never be at peace because he or she doesn’t know when someone from the past will choose to extract revenge.

How to Play It
Destroyers will usually eventually cause their own destruction. Until then they must be fought back, warded against and brought down.

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