Are you cunning, diabolical, or just plain evil? Do you like tricking people by cleverly letting them think they’ve won? Do you enjoy taking advantage of people’s greed? Do you encourage others to eat things like forbidden fruit? Then, hello, Devil! 

The Devil is the quintessential bad seed. This type has no social conscience or moral code what so ever and cares only about his or her own comfort, pleasure, and supremacy. The Devil is a powerful manipulator who answers to no one and will do absolutely anything to get his or her way.

Devils love games and will go to great lengths to ensure a win. They lie and cheat. They are masterful tacticians. Devils make intricate and complicated plans with multiple “outs.” They have patience to spare and trust that when all has played out completely, they will be the victors.

Devil Superpowers

  • Clever, charismatic, and charming
  • Lying perfectly and tricking masterfully
  • Appealing to baser instincts
  • Understanding and leveraging human frailty
  • Being merciless, heartless, and cruel

A Happy Devil
The Devil is like a trapper, happy when the trap snaps shut and the terrified prey is secured inside.

Famous Devils: Charles Manson (this cult leader convinced his followers to kill for him); Adolph Hitler (as chancellor of Germany, he convinced the population it was in their best interest to commit genocide); Vlad the Impaler (as the basis for the literary Count Dracula, Vlad was known for his varied and inhuman torture techniques when dealing with political prisoners)

Devil in Love
Devils will typically offer the high life to their partners. They will indulge their partners’ ego and appeal to their weaknesses. Devils may seem completely altruistic because they are skilled at making it seem as though they want nothing more than the other person’s happiness when actually they want everything from their partners, including their souls. Devils are cunning, manipulative, and can take a pleasing form in order seduce others into doing their work. Anything the Devil does is solely for his or her own benefit. The Devil does not love. 

Devil Challenge
Devils have been known to be overconfident. They are arrogant and because of this arrogance, they can be beaten. Devils typically will risk something on the outcome of a contest, betting their skills against yours. They rely on the baser of human instincts and when someone does something truly out of the goodness of their heart, it can destroy a plan years in the making.

Additionally, Devils are quite vain and one can take advantage of that by turning things around and casting doubt on the Devil’s confidence.

How to Play It
Steer clear of the Devil. Anyone who deals with the Devil will eventually, in some regard, get burned. Who is the Devil? The person who offers you everything you want but haven’t deserved or worked for might be the Devil. What’s too good to be true is probably being proposed by the Devil. The pretty package presented to you for free is likely being presented by the Devil. Nothing is free. There is always an exchange of some kind. If you can’t figure out what the exchange is, beware. It might be one of the Devil’s traps.

If you recognize the Devil in yourself, know that the bad guys never win in the end. Goodness is more powerful, and it will prevail.

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