Got presence? Does everyone around you respect your talent and treat you specially because of it? Are you a leading lady in everything you do? Do you have your own distinct, inimitable style? Then, hello, Diva! 

The term “diva” originally described female operatic singers at the top of their professional career,  talented leading ladies around which entire lavish productions were created. In the broader usage,”Diva” describes powerful women at the top of their game in any given field. Whether business mogul or editor, socialites or administrator, a Diva is the stylish, commanding queen of her scene.

Divas are typically not consciously trying to intimidate people, yet their authoritative presence makes them the slightest bit scary. They keep everyone around them on their toes and on-the-ready to fulfill their wishes, wants, and desires. Divas don’t have to throw tantrums or make threats to get their needs met; there’s just something about these confident women that makes people want to please them. Maybe it’s their mad-talent.

Diva Superpowers

  • Commanding the energy of rooms
  • Amassing followers and fans
  • Getting their way because others see it as the best way
  • Having the best ideas and taste
  • Wielding power

A Happy Diva
The Diva has an agenda and a vision beyond herself. She is experienced in bringing the reality of her mind and the potential of her talent to life. People trust her and help her execute her plan because they sense that in the end their hard work will add up to something important. When the action is swirling around the Diva, and everything seems to be coming together, the Diva is in her element and quite happy. (That’s good for everyone, because an unhappy Diva equals misery for all!)

Famous Divas
Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief of American Vogue), Beyoncé, Maria Carey, Cher, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Madonna, Diana Ross, operatic diva Maria Callas, Renée Fleming, Leotyne Price

Diva Entourage
The Diva enjoys the company of the Artist, Musician, Dreamer, Prince, Princess, Class Leader, Athlete, Bodyguard, Intellectual, Rebel, Rockstar, Metrosexual, Gentleman, and Trendsetter.

Diva in Love
It’s not easy to love a Diva. She’s high-maintenance all the way. If you don’t listen well, are not detail-oriented, and don’t take pride in your work, don’t even think about having a relationship with a Diva. She will eat you for breakfast. The Diva needs to be with highly capable people with above average patience and an air of nobility. Ultimately, the Diva wants an equally powerful partner, even though such a person is hard to find.

Diva Challenge
The Diva is challenged by things that other people do naturally well, like fitting in, going with the flow and socializing in small groups. The Diva is used to playing on a large scale and often has trouble toning down her high-intensity or adjusting her expectations to other people’s normal standards.

How to Play It
No matter how powerful a person may be, she is still a human of equal value as any other human on the planet. A wise Diva will keep this principle at the core of all she does. Also Divas need to remember to be even more generous than other people because they have more to give.

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