Can you see what others can’t? Do you sometimes feel like you live in your own ethereal world? Can you easily conjure stories about why things are the way they are and/or what will happen in the future? Are your favorite words, “What if…?” Then you might say, you’re a Dreamer.

Dreamers revel in the land of imagination, a boundless terrain of ideas they can explore for hours on end. Their fanciful travels are, in fact, so marvelous they sometimes prefer the life of the mind to real life. Dreamers play around in their rich inner world to solve problems, escape, entertain themselves, create, plan, and more.

Dreamers are often Storytellers who turn their dreams into narratives or other kinds of experiences that the outside world can participate in. Anyone who goes to the movies, opens a novel, visits a beautiful garden, or whimsical amusement park is participating in the vision of a Dreamer. Dreamers work on many levels. Some plan cities and begin social movements. Others come up with the perfect date or family adventure. Dreamers who share their dreams sometimes find that the world moves to help their vision of the world become real.  

Dreamer Superpowers

  • Vivid, endless imagination
  • Self-entertaining
  • Detached from reality’s rules and suggestions
  • Mentally flexible
  • Inspired by what is, and also what is not

A Happy Dreamer
The moment of inspiration sends the Dreamer into an elevated state. Dreamers delight in taking ideas from one area of life and applying them to other areas of life. They feed off of questions: What if all people were treated as equals? What if fairytales were real? What if animals could talk? What if I lived in Paris?    

Famous Dreamers
Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, St. Patrick, John Lennon, Edgar Caycee, Carl Jung, DreamWorks Pictures

Dreamer Entourage
Dreamers are closely related to those in the Visionary, family but they need people in other families to help them carry out their visions. Useful and fortifying relationships can be built with the Activist, Artist, Believer, Rebel, Overachiever, Prince, and Princess

Dreamer in Love
Romance is an adventure for the Dreamers and those who love them. The conventional expressions and events of dating just don’t cut it for the Dreamer who wants love to be unique and full of surprises. The Dreamer will propose ideas in abundance, some beautiful and doable, some outlandish and too impractical to even consider. But one thing is certain: love with the Dreamer is never boring.

Dreamer Challenge
When life isn’t meeting the Dreamer’s standards he or she can always retreat to the land of imagination and re-write the script. Even when things are going well, they can be made better in a dream. The dream world is so seductively superior in fact that the Dreamer must take extra measures to check in with reality, or unhealthy delusion sets in. 

How to Play It
The best dreams are the ones that can be shared for the highest good of everyone. The only way they can come into being is through action. So let your dreams be unbridled but you work be disciplined.

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