In love with the spotlight? And does the spotlight always seem to find you?Enthralled with the idea of an attentive audience?  Do you feel like you were meant for the red carpet? Is Halloween one of your favorite holidays? Tell the truth: Do you own a feather boa, an eye patch, or a top hat? If so, you can count yourself in the delightful realm of the Entertainer.

Shakespeare said, “All the world is a stage,” and for the Entertainers it is always showtime. These are the song and dance people, the show-offs, comedians: animated, fun, loud and, if going for a laugh, wildly inappropriate.

The Entertainer lives in a heightened version of the ordinary world and will gladly take you there if you pay your admission. How do you get that golden ticket? Give the Entertainer your full attention and the sweet approval of your laughter and applause. Then sit back and enjoy the ride to a place where the colors are more vivid, sounds more vibrant, life is more exciting: it’s showtime!  

Entertainer Superpowers

  • Sensing the theatrical opportunity of the moment
  • Adopting or embodying a manner of movement and voice that captures attention
  • Being a social leader
  • Not fixed on one identity; is able to detach and play a role
  • Confidently journeys the land of make believe

A Happy Entertainer
It;s a common misperception that entertainers hate to be alone. This personality often craves a certain amount of solitude and needs to recharge from being “on” all the time. Also, the Entertainer requires focused time to develop his or her talent in private. But aside from that, the Entertainer is a more social creature than most and does love to be where the action is, preferably in the center of it, spotlight blaring, cameras rolling.

Famous Entertainers
P. T. Barnum, Willie Wonka, Liberace, Cher, David Copperfield, Carrot Top, Sarah Silverman, Elvis, Lady GaGa, Cirque du Soleil, The Rolling Stones, Lucile Ball, Dean Martin, Kiss, Jack Black, Louis C.K., Dolly Parton, Carol Burnett

Entertainer Entourage
The Entertainer forms useful and fortifying relationships with the Actor, Techie, Dancer, Lover, Angel, Prince, Princess,  Believer, Cool Dude, Nerd, Geek, Genius, and more. 

Entertainer in Love
The Entertainer shares many qualities with the Lover of the Carergiver family and has a very fanciful, idealistic approach to relationships. The Entertainer loves the feeling of being swept into the magical land of love, a kind of paradise on earth. After the fresh gloss of new love wears off, the Entertainer can grow easily bored, or even disillusioned by the rather dull practicalities of relationships.

The Entertainer who embraces stability and loyalty is ultimately better off though because a relationship that is free of drama allows the Entertainer to focus on his or her craft and take “the act” whatever it may be to new heights.

Entertainer Challenge
Fitting in with others is not so easy for the Entertainer who was born to stand out. Enjoying group events that do not feature the Entertainer at the center of the spotlight can be challenging too, as can acting “normal.” These behaviors that come so naturally to most people can be surprisingly hard for the Entertainer. 

How to Play It
Embrace your role; the world needs you. You delight, impress, inspire awe, and invite wonder. Your talents have a way of unifying people, getting them all on the same page and journeying together through the experience you create. By the same token, realize that it’s not always about you. Sometimes it’s best to relax, blend in, and experience the group mind without following the impulse to lead it.

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