Are you a non-conformist with your own unique vision of the world? Do you fall in love with impractical things, believe in the improbable, pursue the impossible, and find beauty where others can’t see it? When you see a sprinkler on a hot day, do you just have to run through it regardless of what you’re wearing? If the answer is “yes,” then, hello, Free Spirit! 

The Free Spirit might zig when everyone else zags. Then again, he or she might pirouette, take flight, or dig a tunnel. The point is, you never can tell what the Free Spirit is going to do next and the Free Spirit probably doesn’t know either. The whim of the moment, by definition, is unpredictable.

Free Spirits shun life’s “shoulds” in favor of life’s “why nots?” They have their own ideas about what’s important. They care nothing of appropriateness. They cannot be controlled.

Free Spirit Superpowers

  • Acts on impulse
  • Dances to music no one else hears
  • Completely un-self-conscious
  • Exuberantly expressive
  • Unrestrained by convention or obligation

A Happy Free Spirit
Emotions run fluid for the Free Spirit and there’s no holding back. Their highs and lows are felt and expressed more extremely. Joy-mode for Free Spirits consists of fresh excitement, curiosity piqued, and rushing, arms wide open, into life.

Famous Free Spirits
Summer, of (500) Days of Summer; Sarah Little, of The Muse; Clementine, of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; Cat, of Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat

Free Spirit Entourage
Free Spirits are friendly with just about anyone and everyone; however, they don’t always put consistent time and effort into relationships. They have a low tolerance for boredom and will quickly move on to where the excitement is. They are the “fun friend,” but maybe not the “true blue friend.”

Free Spirits especially like people from the Creative family like the Artist, Actor, and Entertainer. They also enjoy the Activist, Inventor, Genius, Rebel, Cool Dude, Rock Star, Diva, Metrosexual, Gentleman, and Trendsetter.

Free Spirit in Love
The Free Spirit is romantic and susceptible to love’s spell. But the Free Spirit is afraid of being tied down. This type prioritizes freedom, adventure, and fresh experiences above loyalty, security, and monogamy. If and when the Free Spirit chooses one person for a long-term relationship, he or she will be a special and exciting individual indeed.

Free Spirit Challenge
One word: flakiness. What does it mean to flake? It means not showing up where you’re supposed to be, when you’re supposed to be there. It’s saying you’ll do one thing, and then doing something else instead. Free Spirits are so connected to the moment they sometimes forget what they said the moment before and what is expected of them the moment after.

How to Play It
If you know a Free Spirit, chances are you admire and are fascinated by this person. Maybe you are even under the Free Spirit’s spell. The time you spend together is precious. Cherish it. Also, don’t let this person get away with bad behavior. Keep him or her accountable. Let her know when she or he has hurt your feelings and when he or she has made your day.

If you’re a Free Spirit, know that your creativity and ability to live in the now is a gift to the world. Also, appreciate that freedom comes at a cost, often not your own. Appreciate the people whose constancy allow for you to be who you are.

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